Kettle, Frederick S. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 6th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: Annie of the Vale. The young stars are glowing, their clear light bestowing, Their radiance fills the calm, clear summer night! Come forth like a fairy, so lithesome and airy, And ramble in the soft mystic light. Chorus. – Come, come, come love, come! Come ere the night-torches pale; Oh, come in thy beauty, thou marvel of duty, Dear Annie, dear Annie of the vale. The world we inherit is charmed by thy spirit, As radiant as the mild warm summer ray! The watch-dog is snarling, for fear Annie darling, His beautiful young friend, I’d steal away. Chorus. – Come, come, come love come! Come ere the night-torches pale; Oh, come in thy beauty, thou marvel of duty Dear Annie, dear Annie of the vale Published by Chas. Magnus, No. 12 Frankfurt Str., N. Y., for James D. Gay. The music to be had at Firth, Pond & Co., 547 Broadway. apral 6 farfax dear friend kate I reseved yours of the 25 last night and I thought I would answer it to day I am well sam is sick I hav just bin to see him we hav bin of on a raid and got back last night we took 42 prisoners and a lot of horses there one man in company C killed and one woun ded we went in to the houses and got blan kets took them of the beds we took ham hoe cakes pigs hens ducks turkeys corn wheat we took a man with 4 horses and wagon and 46 bushels wheat you would think it hard if you was going to mil to hav som one come and take it all a way from you and take your food the folkesd ont now what hard times is I cant rite any more now I hav got to go and clean my sadel you must not wait for me to write for I cant get time so good bey from your friend Fred