Slack, Joseph B. – August 15, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 16th Michigan Infantry

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Historical Figures: Lorenzo Thomas

[twocolumns]16th Mich. Infy. Vet. Vols.
3d Brig. 1st Div. 5th Corps.
August 15th 1864
General L. Thomas
Adjutant General U.S.A
Washington D.C.
I have the honor to respectfully
ask authority, through you, from the War Department,
to be mustered out of the Military service of the United
On the 13th day of August 1861, I entered the Service
as an Enlisted man. I served in that capacity, until the
24th day of May 1863, when, having been Commissioned
as a Second Lieutenant, I was mustered in for the unexpired
term of three years, (that being the period for which I had
Originially enlisted, by Captain G. M. Barnard Asst
Commissary of Musters. 1 Div. 5th Corps.
I am impelled to take this [ ? ] by the feeling that
I have honestly and faithfully kept my faith with the
Government in the Matter of duty, and by the demands of
business, which, having been arranged with a view to an
absence of three years only, will be un attended to; if I am
not allowed to give my supervision, and will subject me to
great pecuniary loss.
I enclose my Muster-in Roll as 2d Lieutenant
for the unexpired term.
I would, also, respectfully represent that I did
not avail my self of the leave of Absence granted to officers
whose Regiments re-enlisted, having been
placed on Recruiting service in Michigan while the
Regiment was home, by order of Lieut Col. B H Hill
Military [ ? ] of the Recruiting Service of Michigan,
Herewith I send the order placing me on the above
mentioned service.
I have, therefore, respectfully to ask, in new of my
muster-in for the unexpired term, that I be allowed to
muster-out on the 7th day of September 1864, that being
the date on which the original term of this Regiment
I am, General,
Very Respectfully
Your Obt Servant
Jos. B. Slack
2d Lieut. 16th Mich. Infy. Vet. Vols.
Hd Qrs 3 Brig
1” Div 5 Corps
Aug 27, 1864
Respectfy returned
Attention invited
to endorsement
from War Dep’t
By Command
Col. Jas [ ? ]
Chas. H. Hand
1” Lt & A.A.A.G.
L 1848. /vs/ 1864,
16th Mich Inf Vet. Vols.
August 15. 1864
2d Lieut J. B. Slack
16 Mich Vet. Vols.
Two enclosures.
Applies to me mustered
out of service, having been
mustered in for unexpired
Office Comg Mustered
Fifth Army Corps
August 16. 1864
Respecy forwarded to
the Adjt Genl.
W Gentry
Capt 17 Inf CM
Rec’d (AG.0) Aug 19″64
E.B. War Dept. A.G.O.
456 August 22d. 1864.
Respectfully referred to Capt.
W. T. Gentry, Com. Mus. 5th A.C.
Joseph B. Slack was enrolled
Aug. 13″/61, and mustered into the service
for the unexpired term of three years, May 24/61
near Beverly Ford, Va., by Capt. Barnard,
A.C.M., as 2d Lieut. in Co. “D”, 16th Mich
igan Vols.
On the Muster Roll of that Co, for
May and June ’64, he is reported, “Trans-
ferred to Co. “K,” by virtue of Special Or-
ders Regimental Head Quarters”
This will be authority to muster
tis Officer out of service.
By order of the Secretary of War.
Thomas M. Vincent
Ass’t Adjt. General.
Head Qr. 5th Army Corps
Office Comg Muster
August 27, 1864
Respetly rec’d. This A.C.M
1st Div. See above
W Gentry
Capt 17 Inf
Office of A.C.M.
1st Div. 5th Corps
Aug. 27th 1864
Respy returned See
endorsement of Adjt.
G. M. Laughlin
1st Div. 5th C.
Head Qrs. 1″Div. 5″ Corps
Aug 27. 1864
Respectfully returned
attention [ ? ] to
endorsement from
War Dept. A.G.O.
By Command of
Brig Genl Griffin
W. L. Davis