Wiser, Alphonso H. – August 15, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Atlanta, Georgia Historical Figures: Union              Forever Camp of Co., I 9th Reg’t., Mich Vols., Cavlery 1th Brigade, 2th Division, Cavlery Corps. At Atlanta Georga Aug 15th 1864. Wall Now Sina as I am still spard yet and am in Camp this day I will spend the time in writing to the loved ones home and will say I am well as can be expected for one that is in the fix I am and do hope these will find you the same Sina for I am in hops to her from all and to her of ther being well I saw Jim yesterday he is well and tuff his wound has got well he said he got a letter from Dany and Dany was coming back to his battery at Knoxville I saw the boys in the 6 battery they are all rite Mart and Dan our boys her is all Well but Del Buck he is sick and has ben for 5 or 6 days but will be able to be round in a few days i think We now lay in site of Atlanta Sina I tell you our armey is big her and so is thers And her is a goin to be a big fite they are at it all the time stidy rore nite and day and how it is a goin her I cant tell they kill on both sids lots every day they Will stay her as long as they can stand it for her is ther last hold in georga if we drive them from her they will have to Git for richmon or no whare our men is in spiret and ready for the bloody fite which is before them i can say for me Will say let it come as it will with me for I feel in my mind some what in a bad fix of mind but I can stand it what little time I have to stay her on this erth so I will close for this time and will say Good By I would ask you to write but you said you would not rite any more to me so I will write this and wait and see so no more Good By Sina from A H Wiser to Sina Wiser you rote to me that you was working it out Sina do as you pleas a bout it i told you time and a gain not so I will say no more a bout it for i see all the troubel any one can but I am bound not to see any more To L. M. W. I’m thinking, fondly thinking, My darling friend, of thee, And memory bells are chiming, Are ringing out to me. In accents sweet and tender A song I love to hear. And loving thoughts engender For one my heart holds dear. This song is of a treasure, A casket full of pearls, And gems of rarer lustre Then earthly mind unfurls. Thy love this priceless treasure, The casket is thy heart, And there the jewels cluster And loving joys impart. I’m thinking, fondly thinking, Of happy days to come, When you will greet me smiling And bid me welcome home. It may be on the margin Of this brief life of ours, That I shall clasp thy form again And press my lips to yours. I’m waiting, fondly waiting, My darling pet, for thee, And the bells will keep their chiming Till thy sweet face I see. Yours affectionately, A. H. W