Hogmire, Mitchell H. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 3rd Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: Grenada Camp at St Luis, MO Dear Wife [cut away] moments to spare & will imp[cut away] ing a few lines to you. I Received your letter of pre vious date & was much pleased to hear that you were all well…We can boast of the same blessing at this time. I mean those that are here Milan and the rest of the Boys that are at Memphis we have not heard from them but expect them here every day We are having lots to do nowadays I will give you an idea by telling to you the calls at Daylight Roll Call next Fatigue Breakfast Sick Call Guard Mountain Drill from 9 until 11 A.M. Noon Roll Call Orderly Call in the after noon 1 ½ hours Drill and [cut away] them [cut away] [cut away] to know if I am agoing to [cut away] time is up I think not & the Col [cut away] time is out the Six of September [cut away] mistake not you can look for [cut away] home it was thought that we would have to stay three years from our enlistment but there was an Order Isued to allow men to in list to fill vacancy in Old Regtmts and we will be Mustered out under that order Duane I want you to see Emory and find out about the town Bounty it cost me (I mean) that Certificate) That Bee House and Thirty Six Dollars in money and if it cant be got Ewers says he will take it back so I am safe and if it is good I am more than safe I think when I send this you will find some Photographs for they are to be done tomorrow I had some taken standing & some sitting to suit all and will send them to my friends at home I had 1 Doz taken so I could send them to all they cost me $3.50 To night the boys got quite a lot of mail but none fore me I looked for one very much to night from Ike and was very much disappointed for I think he will send me some Dofunney by the way that I can make a right smart out off I have not had a letter from Daniel or Mary since I have been here but am going to write them in a few days and send them a Photograph Thursday night I have just come from town and have got my pictures and will send each one of you one the one taken standing for mother and the other for you and if you want one full size let me know and I will send one to you I had lots of fun to day at town Covey Nyman went with me Edwin is going to have his taken in a few days and then will send them home to you but I tell you money very scarce now in our Regt and dont know when we will get pay Wish I had some to send you but if you any Duane will let you have it Tell Phillipp Eckler I have not heard any thing relative to Davids remains but if I go to Memphis I will find where he was buried & the Particulars relative to him You must excuse brevity this time & and render good for evil Yours Truly Mitchell H. Hogmire