Ervy, Albert – June 18, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 10th Michigan Infantry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: [Eagle on American Flag] E Pluribus Unum Friday Camp 12 June the 13 /62 Dear Friend Arabel This pleasant afternoon thinking of home and friends thought perhaps you would like to hear from me and I know that I would like to hear from you I am well at present my wishes are that you may be so blest with the same enjoiment for I begin to realise the worth of strength and health for here is so much of sickness here we have got only abought thirty men that is fit for duty and our company numbers as meny as any other in the rigmt we camped last night expect to stay abought 80 dayes perhaps may march before sundown O this souldering is not so cunning as we antisipated when in camp thomson alt flint but I live in hopes that we shall get ought of it in a few da da da yes I guess I will not tell you when I want you should tell me all the news if there is any [ ? ] any thing will be news to me only souldering we have ben very luckey so far we have not be in any battel yet but have ben where we saw the cannon balls take lims off the trees and whisel above our heads I was on picket the other day a rifel ball cut a leaf abought armes length from my head I thought that would do for that time well I must bring my letter to a close and begin to get supper for I was detailed for cook this morning we are agoing to have rice for supper wont you come and take tea it would please you to see us cook and especly wash when our shirts get dity we draw them and wash in the first water we come to makes no difference if there is a little mud mixed got ust to that I have drank water here that if a pig would when I was in Mish I would cick him away I guess I have said anought at preasent I send my respects to all I know if agreabel with you to answer pleas, direct to Albert. M. Ervy pittsburg, Landing Co A 10 Mich Inft Tenesee