Hogmire, Mitchell H. – February 7, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 3rd Michigan Cavalry

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Historical Figures: Joseph J. Reynolds

Brownsville Ark
February 7th 65

Dear Wife Jane

I will now answer yours
of previous date which found
me well and all of the rest
of Co “C” We have moved from
where we were when I last
wrote to you Milan Recd
a letter from Ganzy last
night he is well Jane we
dont hear anything about
getting pay yet and I dont
think we will get pay before
we leave this department
Our Colonel came back
last night he has been
to New Orleans I tell you he

was mad when he came
back and found that we had
been ordered to move out of
our new quarters and take
up with the old ones of the 11th
Mosuri and today he went to
the Rock to see Gen. Reynolds
about it I dont know how he
will make it but I hope we
will leave this state and the sooner
the better And I guess we will
for the first Regt in our Brig
ade went nearly a week ago
for Memphis Edwin Recd
a letter from Breedsville
day before yesterday I have
not seen it yet but I guess
it was from Melinda Eck
Jane I was glad that you
seem to feel as well about
my being away as you
do and as you say it
wont be long ere I will be

permitted to come home
there to stay I hope and to enj
oy the fruits of my labor
Oh I liked to forget to tell
you about the Death of one
our friends, Voorhees he is
a brother of Gus Voorhees
came down here to see about
getting into Buisiness
went to the Bluff and was
waiting for a boat to leave
and got in company with a
sergeant of the 9th Kansas
and some of his men and
went to a dance went out
doors when they struck him
with a club breaking in his
skull but still he fought them
they then put a revolver so
close to his head that it burnd
his hair and fired it the
ball passing down through
the back part of the brain

But still he lived sixteen
hours they then raffled him
of all his money but $10.00 doll
which was sewed up in his
pants they probly got about
7 or 8 hundred doll but they
have been arested and most likely
will be shot if they are proven
guilty Henry Chatfield went
down there to see about it and
he done all he could to detect
them and I think he has
found the right one I tell you
it was one of the awfullyest
deeds I ever heard of in
my life Jane you will
have to excuse this short
note this time and I will
do better next Kiss trudy
for me and take a nip for
yourself Give my best
respects to all M H Hogmire