Baker, George W. – August 7, 1859

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 1st Michigan Infantry

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Niles, Aug. 7th 1859
Dear Cousin:-
I received your
letter in due course of mail
and was glad to hear from you
and more than all was glad to here
that you was well and that you was
enjoying and hapiness you stated that
you had receive no answer to your
leter this is the first that I received
from you thare must be some mistake
some whare I have not heard from my
folks in 2 monts and donte know what
is the I would of written to you before
but I did not know whare to direct
my letters you must be in a happy
state of minds and heart if nothing bothers
you I myself lives very comfoiritable
myself I left that part of the country
very sudent and did not get time come
and see you we had a very good time a coming

but that is to olde to talk a bout
but then cecrets that we talked about I
never have tolde eny one nor never shal
for I must tell you that I have
experienced that fealing myself
I did not know any thing about it
I thought then that it was nothing but
follishness but I hope you will look
over that I think of you very often
and wonder what you think of me eny
how how I should like to [ ? ]
with them little wound eyse of yours
we have had some good times if we never
hav eny more but I hope we shall
is it doubtfull wheather I ever see you
single a gain or not if I come
home late this fall write and let me
know if you pleas I have not got
many cecrets now to write we must
write oftener and I will tell you more
then. I have had some very good times
since I came here well I can have
just such times as I am a [ ? ] to

thare is lots of young folks in this
part I wish you could live out here one
summer and see the different ways of the
people I think that I shal come home
this fall and get murry and take
another rout if I can get him to
you remember about that toe nail a
growing in and what fun we had about
it what fun we will have this fall
a talking about olde times I wish
you had of bin [ ? ] that party of
[ ? ] the rite before I started we had
a good time I was to a party last
friday and had a god time and got a
qainted with some ridgrets I have not
for to but two dances since I came out
here but I must close if You hate
to have me bring my letter to a close
as bas as I do you I pitty you but I
donte think you do because you have
more of your friends to talk with but good
by from V. W. Cornin to his cousin
E [ ? ]