Wiser, Alphonso H. – September 24, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: Sept the 24 1864 At Decator Georga 8 miles from Atlanta Wall Sina As I am stil yet a live and in good helth for this purpus I seat myself to write this short letter to you in answer to one i got from you nite before last it was riten the 9 of this munth i was glad to her from you but i was sick and have ben for some time but am on the gain a gain Sina this may be the last time you will her from me while i am in the 9 Mich Cav for i have put my name down to go in the Nava for the rest of my days our rig a most all has gon in for the rest of ther time the rig is all broke up now if they all go that has put ther name down We are ordered to report to Ill. there we will go on the mississipp river on the gun bots for we will stay on her as long as i stay any how in this survis so i will come home before i go to Ill on my rode there so i will close for i am on picket to nite and will have to go soon the boys are all well her now i saw mart and dan burleson to day they are well mart is dan is in the hospital sick with the hart desease so i will close for now so good by dear wife as i call you rite soon from A H Wiser to L M Wiser as i remain your friend for ever Good Nite Sina Drect Cincinnati Ohio Co. I. 9 Mich Cav rite if you pleas Sina Never do i weep without a heavy mind disturbed