Wiser, Alphonso H. – September 10, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: September the 10 1864 In Camp Near Decator Georga 8 Miles from Atlanta Wall Sina As I recived a letter from you last nite I will seat myself this morning to Write an answer to it and will say I was glad to her from you once more and to her you was well for I am in Good helth Now Sina I was sorow to here that things was rong at home but you never told me what was the trobel with you and the old folks but Sina you can do for the best and that is all any one can do as for me I am in the land of troubel and you are in land of peace so I cant tend to bothe so I will leave you to tend to that part and I to this so you can do as you are a minto there Sina you said you was a goin to Adren and then was coming south to work out in some Hospital I want you to do as you think best Sina but if I was to say any thing about it I would say it is no place for any respectabel woman I dont care whoo she is for there no woman would come down her a mong 5 or 6 thousand men not a woman in 20 miles of there this is my a pinion on the subject for I have ben there and seen it any woman cant come into Camp in a Hospital but what she has goto fite her way out this is so for I have seen it you may think that all the men in the Hospitals is down but it ant so some is as well as ever for they have ben there and got well and detaild there is lots of Hores in Camp all the time Hore masters to so every thing is rite Nancy Thompson knew how it was she would stay at home you know Sina Wren Smith told you it was no place for you no any other woman so you can do as you think best I want you to be  good girl and I will do the same I wish you could see some of the fine Housen stuff that our men distroyed in Atlanta Sina wall Sina we have gon into camp for a while now and so i will write oftan as I can and want you to do the same Will you Sina Wall Now Sina I Will close for now and will wait for a answer from you Sina every thing is quiet here now our Armey is in camp now to wrest for a while for this campain has ben a hard one on the men so no more for now from A H Wiser to L. M. Wiser Good By drect by the way of Nashville tenn rite soon Sina my pet [On Envelope:] Mrs. Lucian Wiser Coldwater Branch Co Mich A H W Co I 9 Mich Cav