Wiser, Alphonso H. – October 23, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: Oct the 23 1864, Sunday Afternoon       Waterloo City Dear Cousin Lucina I expect that you think I have forgoten you never well I expect you say that Lydia can write to Lila and not me. Sou Cina before Lila came out here I wrote you three letters to her one but her coming out here and then weighting time often answering as soon as she would get my letters I would do the same but not because I thought any more of her than you. How Cina you know that very well another thing I have been very buisy all the fall sewing I have been working at dress making and was [  ?  ] Franky got shot or rather shot himself it happened a week ago last Thursday and since that time I have here done nothing only house work it takes Emelie all the the time to take care of the [  ?  ] sufferd he suffers everything but death and I am something afraid that he will have to die and if so I dont think his mother would live throught it he shot himself through the wrist & hand taring it all to pieces the Physcians took off his hand and part of his arm he has grow poor fast is Eliza out there yet if so let her read this about him if not let Aunt Mercy & Uncle George if I had time I would write to them I wrote to Eliza and direct from her I have send her three letters without areply. Henry has got his furlough and is now waiting for his pay and he says when he comes home that he is going out there so you may look for us I cant tell when he will be paid but if that furlough runs out he can get a nother my respect to Uncle & Aunt Larabee and would write if I had time Cina I have not answered [  ?  ] letter that she wrote in Jully and have not time to do so now and dont know when i shall. write soon and Believe me to be your Affectionate Cousin Lydia Frone owes me a letter Cina I will send you apiece of my new dress you will say it ant pretty I know it isnot but I could not do any better in this town. [On Envelope:] Mrs Lucina Wiser Cold Water Mich