Wiser, Alphonso H. – November 24, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: All come out here Christmas or New Years now wont you Fore & Jake you & Lila Rosa * Mine and L-A-R-l Nove the 24 1864 Waterloo City Dear Cousin I received your kind and welcome and was glad to hear from you but was realy provoked at Jake and Frone not coming out here Frone did not intende to come I dont believe and I would shake her if I were there and Lila I have seen waiting every day for her ever since Hank came but I dont even get aletter from her where is she write and tell me I wrote her the last letter but she has not answered it nos Frone has not eather. Well Cinna I do feel very bad inded you aske what the mater. why Hank has gone he started last Monday night on the 5 oclock train and how lonely I am now how I do wish that you had one out here while he was at home I wrote to Lila when he first came expecting that she would come out here right away and to you requesting you all to come out here. the reason that we could not come out there Hank did not get his pay and he borrowed money for me and she thought that he could not come that way but he said that if he had got paid paid he should have gone out there by all means he has 5 or 6 hundred dollars coming to him but that dont do us any food at the presant time and so by that means we coul dnot go. [  ?  ] Hasie is married she sent me her wedding card also her & her husbands Photo. quite a pretty pair I think I think her husband has gone to the army Franky is getting better but not able to be out yet we are having very cold weather here now has Eliza come home yet she has not answerd my last letter and I dont think that she [  ?  ] got it I think [  ?  ] folks are her mean about her letters dont you? Write soon and Oblige your Cousin Lydia we are all going to church to day it being thanksgiving day