Wiser, Alphonso H. – May 29, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: May 29th 1864 Sabath Morn Dear husband as I am left alone this [  ?  ] sabath day I will spend part of the time in writing to you in the first place I am well at present and hope those few times will find you  the same and injoying your self better at the presant than I do for it is so lonesome that I do not know what to do there is nothing to amuse any one here now I mean myself now that you are gone I can not enjoy myself any where without you Holi sister I got two letters last night from you and you had better believe I was a glad firl to get them and so I hasten to answer at your request but [  ?  ] I write every week but it must be that you do not get them all but I will keep on writing Holister Dany is here now but he is agoing to start back in 2 or 3 days I have had some notion of coming to see you but I have given it up for Wren is back on a furlow and he says he would advise me not to go for he says that you will not be at the Hospital by the time I could get there and so I will not come now but if you think that I can come write and tell me and I will come when Elderhadly comes back Holister I would like to send you something but I have not got any thing to send unless I can go to town before Dany comes and if I can get to town I will send you some paper and envelops and some stamps and then I want you to write often to me whether you write to anyone else or not if they want to hear from you they may send you the utensils to write to them on so do not [  ?  ] to write often [  ?  ] I got your picture and I have sent you mine and I got the 5 dollars you sent me in the letter I got last night now Hall I think you used some posshality in sending your picture [  ?  ] got your picture last night and it is a better one than mine but I suspose it is because she is so muct better than I am and because she has behaved so much better then I have and she had aught to have the best picture Hall do you like her better than you do me is that the reason why she got the best picture Holister when pary was burried they did not open the coffin but they took him up yesterday and opened the coffin and looked at him he was black as any Nigro you ever saw so I will have to close by saying write as soon as you get this and oblige me this is from your affectionate Wife Lucina M Wiser to her much loved husband A H Wiser write soon