Wiser, Alphonso H. – March 13, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: East tenn In Camp Near Waleser Cross Rods March the 13 1864 Sundays Morning Wall this lonsom Sabbath day finds me in some what of diference kind of mind for I recived a letter from Lucina dated the 27 of last month but all rite fo rit is just as I expected for it I had not wrote the one I did I would not have had this one but I expect to git one in return of it I say all rite for it bully for your spunk spunk Sina the onley thing that I can find any falt with is you said the curses of God would folow me to my grave Sina I expect to go to my grave in that way with the curs of God After me so does any other man but I have got it to stand if I have ruind you in any way so as to case the curs of God to folow me I am sorow for it and of ask you to furgive me for I alwas tryed to do the best I could for you Sina and shall as long as I live for if I had not of herd to Manson stuff but it cant be helped know I was sorow the next day for writing it I aught to let it gon but I was sick and what he told me it make me almost crasy I know I was not in my rite mind for the next day I could not tell what I had riten but Sina I went to the hospital the next day after and staid too days and the doctor told me I was home sick he said he coul dnot see anything a bout me onley I was home sick but I told him different [  ?  ] all I can say is I am her and shall stay prehaps my time out if I dont git killed but if I dont I am coming home and then I am again stay there bfore I leave my home a gan it will be to fite old inglan Sina I come this time to try to git money to by ous a ham for you know we cant live at fathers in peace but I gess I shall fall short of it for my clothing [  ?  ] is this pay day 30 Dollars some of us boys bill is 60. $79 but I have got 6 months pay coming sina I sent you 15 dollars in one letter sence the 25 and if you git this write and tell me And when I git my pay I will send some more to you you I had to use rest of the money I [  ?  ] old ted to send if I had not if keept it should sufferd for we was whare we could not git any rations some of our boys used 50 Dollars Sina some tyms we didiant git but for 2 days onley what we beged from satersons then go without the rest of time