Wiser, Alphonso H. – June 16, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: June the 16 1864 Waterloo City Thursday Eve. [chewed away] Cousin Frone I recived your welcome letter some [chewed away] would have answered it before but I [chewed away] to get my picture taken before I answered your letter. Frone I know you felt bad when you wrote to me before on a count of Perrys death which I am very sorry indeed about I cant think that it can be that Perry is dead but alas how our poor soldiers die off in the army. if not in battle they die with disease Frone I have not had but oneletter from Lila since I came home and that came the very day that I came home. three weeks ago last Monday I sat right down and wrote Lila a good long letter and have never recived any answer why not I cannot tell you say that Aunt Cherry is geting better I am glad of that. I hope that I may see her again before [chewed away] leaves this world for abrighter one. Cos why cant you and Lucina come out here this summer how I do want to see you and so does Emelie if the cars run right through I should get on to day and see you before I sleep But that little if is always in the way Friday Morning Well Cos. I will proved to find my [chewed away] [  ?  ] was taken with avery had fit last [chewed away] 8 oclock and then he hid the hardest [chewed away] came out of the fit and I [  ?  ] went to [chewed away] him until this morning at 4 oclock and the got up little after 7 for Willie woke up and of course he wanted Mama and now I am so sleepy that I cant hardly see the lines Emelie has just rocked hers to sleep poor little thing. How is Jake tell Jake that I want him to bring you out there this summer tell him that I want him to come and see me and you can come to see Emelie. what do you think of that. Well Frone you must excuse a short letter this time for I feel very bad indeed after I send my letters to the Office then I will sleep. My picture will come with this. Write very soon and [  ?  ] to be yours Truly,        Lydia Emelie sends her best respe- cts to yourself and Husband and would like very much to have you come out here this summer now I shall look for your [  ?  ] Jakes picture in return for mine please send them remember I want Photographs