Wiser, Alphonso H. – July 22, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Richmond, Virginia Historical Figures: July the 22 1864 In Camp Near Kingston tenn Wall Sina as I once more have the privlage of once more of seating myself for to write these few lines to you to let you know that i am still a live and in Good helth and do hope these will find you the same for I am still on the gane and can say for myself that our journey has Ben a hard one so far and what it will amounto i cant say [chewed away] most we suffer for is water the wether is so hot her and dry the streems is all dry up you ther in old Bethel may think it warm wether there But if you was her one day you would say you never see any warm wether in [chewed away] life the rods is so dusty we cant see our file leador and when nite comes you cant tell one man from a nother horses the same and the cry is water all the time We have stoped her for 2 days and am going on in the morning for Chatnooga we was in Alabama for 4 days from ther to tenn a gain from her we are a gain to Georga and from ther i cant say what will become of ous But we think we will go to North Carlina if the rebs dont stop ous on our way we have ben 15 days on the rode her and am a bout half way to Georga i hope we can find water more plenty the wehter will grow warmer all the time we have ben 2 days a faring the train a crost the big tenn river so you can think what for a train we have with ous o yes Sina our men has whiped the rebs out in Georga and they have a nother Big fite down to richmon and our men whiped them there to Sina I am laying on my Belley a writing this letter Sina i had one of the darndes dreemes last Nite in the world I dremp i was home and you would not speek to me and that you went off and left me a lont at your fathers and i went home and i thought you come a long with Salley and jake and i went out and you said you would not ride in the same waggon i was in so i got out and you went on and i went home and staid ther do you think you would seve me so if i was to come home Sina i cant think so o yes Sina the blackburies her is the thickest kind so is hucklburys to wall Sina i will close for Now by Giving you my love and all of your folks and mine to and say to you i recived your letters with that peace of your New Dress in it i think it pretty for a plane dress Sina if you ever git this dont laf at my scrabling for my pen is poor and i cant write Any how so i will say i got them too letters you sent to the hospital with them stamps in so i cant think of any more onley the boys is all well Miss Bucks 2 boys is well i bunk with then Sina they are good boys so Good by write soon from A miserbal poor and dum soldier A H Wiser to his near and Dear wife L M Wiser So no more drect Cincinnati Ohio 9 Mich Cavlery Co I Write soon Dear Girl far a way oft times do i set and think of the past and of the present [chewed away] time to come [chewed away] one what is coming