Wiser, Alphonso H. – July 21, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: John H. Morgan, Robert E. Lee Camp fry near hickmans Bridge July the 21 1863 ky Wall my dear wife as i have the opertunety of [chewed away] more riting to you [chewed away] you know that i am [chewed away] fare prospect of gaining my helth as good as it was before wall Sina i was glad to hear that you injoyed your self the forth as wellas [chewed away] could for myself [chewed away] cant say i did [chewed away] was sick that day [chewed away] had be for 2 weeks but am on the gain a gain wall i will tell you how i enjoyed the 4 the 4 of july morning we all prepard for rest and a a bout 10 o clock the news come to start [chewed away] levnum whare [chewed away] was burning [chewed away] the town wall we started the rain begin to pore down wall all that was able to ride on horseback had to for the wagons was all full so i had to ride my horse all nite and [chewed away] next day when [chewed away] levnum whare [chewed away] rebles was then the sick was ordered back to hickman Bridge the distants was 40 miles and there the sick was put in the hospitle and there we staid 1 week then i and munt stated [chewed away] for the trains and there we staid until munt got sick a gain and is in the hospitle but i am hear yet thank God for [chewed away] for i thought [chewed away] spell i should go over the dam Sina i cant see why you are at Salleys you did not tell me why but you said you was there and had ben up to your fathers it seams [chewed away] you left there [chewed away] you rite that you [chewed away] to lern the milenarg[chewed away] traid for what good will that do but do as are a minto i dont care what you do i cant tend to your buisnes and myne to when i am 500 miles from home wall Sina [chewed away] must do the [chewed away] you can and i will do the same as the thing are you can injoy your self there is lots of Company there rite and tell me why you left home it is in my mind all the [chewed away] sina when you rite [chewed away] the news there [chewed away] the folks in bethel and how they git a long tell Saley and jake i send my best respct to them and hope they will proved true to ther words and i will do the same wall Sina you thought i did not care for you sina i do with all my hart i have riten [chewed away] you more than anyone [chewed away] hant riten to our folks but 4 times and to you i cant tell i rite ever time i git a chance and you dont git them i guss for i rite some times 2 times a week ever week i live to [chewed away] i made amistake [chewed away] i rote to father a bout the prisners taken to vxburg there was thirty thousand taken and i got it 3000 so you can alter it to the folks when you see them wall sina the news is in this camp that our men has got morgan and his army if this is so you can look out for this ware to [chewed away] before long for [chewed away] me is chasing lee  [chewed away] and fetching his men very fast and Charleston is on fire and our men will git it in a few days and then it is [chewed away] with i dont ca[chewed away] how quick for my part for i want to come home to live a gain but if it dont i shall stay till my time is out this is so Sina i cant run a way and if i ever come i am coming [  ?  ] thank God i ant a fraid to die hear and this is the main part not [chewed away] i am a fraid [chewed away] hear but [chewed away]cose i feel so in my sole i cant bare the thought of swaring the first time i felt so i was on picket in the woods a bout [chewed away] miles from camp [chewed away] lone to at that [chewed away] i will come home as quick as i can so dont mind me sina me so i will close by saying good by Lucian till i come a gain Oh yes Sina tell lory jane i fear hear chool will be out befor mine but tell her to keep in good [chewed away] and wait for the [chewed away] to come and than i will be there then so you all will git tired of me come to my army my dear my God is hear to stand before my waiting [chewed away] to lone in i [chewed away] open so no more this time lucina oh Sina i went to the best meetin the other day i ever wento in my life it wa a nigar meting Sina M Wiser A. H. Wiser write soon Sina and tell me what you are a [chewed away] to do bout lerning this traid you rote about so this is all Sina