Wiser, Alphonso H. – July 2, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: July the 2 1863 Camp near Danford Ky Wall Lucian as i once more take the opertunety of seting my self down to write afew lines to you to let you know that i am well and tuff and hope these few lines will find you the same the sun all most burns throu the tent so it is hot i tell you wall Sina miran Lang has just come from Coldwater he saw Dany in Detroit they are a goin to send him to the 8 and let them do with him as they are amind to with him i think they will not not punish him wall now about the 4 of july i heard the folks in bethel was a goin to have a big time i hope they will for i think we shall i want you to stick up your head and rare like a colt in green feed for i shall try to injoy myself in the best style i can you know that soldiers cant rare like folks they are in the tils so never mind this i am tuf and know tell father and mother Larabee to rare to never mind for the ware the ware cant last long 3000 of the rebels are in our ranks on our side i mean they runaway in one fite that meny in all of the fits will soon clean them out they are giting sick in this part of the country wall Sina write after the 4 and tell me what for a time you had Dont be bashful in a good cose write all i ant dead yet no give my love to all tell Harson and Alinira i hant forgot them if they have me they can write or do as they are a minto they have got things to write on and i hant so that is the diferants i lay on my belley and write on my plate. and call that a good place tell them to rare to the 4 i expect we shall all i on that day when you fire that big gun on the hill tell Leory jane to keep her nose cleen i will fetch her a little man when i come home from the south he is a slick one to he is black as tar and twice as greacy she will like him i know there is lots of them hear the fields is black with them in this part