Wiser, Alphonso H. – July 19, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: John H. Morgan July the 19 1863 [chewed away] Wall my dear wife i [chewed away] a letter from you last [chewed away] and was glad to hear fro[chewed away] you and to hear that you was injoying your self i think when i hear from you that i wood like to be there but i cant so i will stay hear and say no more a bout [chewed away] i expect to stay hear [chewed away] servis until there [chewed away] secsh in this part [chewed away] and until this [chewed away] closed i expect [chewed away] until i am [  ?  ] [chewed away] or di i cant tell [chewed away] and dont care for [chewed away] part wall we are in [chewed away] an old Camp fry [chewed away] south of lexington [chewed away] a few of ous who was som [chewed away] [chewed away] levenum when the [chewed away] them went in [chewed away] the fite i was sick [chewed away] had ben for 2 weaks and munt we was sent to the Convelesen Camp but we did not stay long there i tell you but i am so i am a round a gain munt is sick in the hospitle that ridgment [chewed away] john morgan [chewed away] they folowed him [chewed away] miles and are after [chewed away] i expect we [chewed away] know whare they [chewed away] is a bout 50 of [chewed away] o tell lory jan [chewed away] she can beat [chewed away] riting i could [chewed away] every word as fast [chewed away] speak i think [chewed away] of that letter and would like to [chewed away] a letter but i can [chewed away] hant no paper [chewed away] envelops nor no [chewed away] to by with this i [chewed away] or one of the boys i would like to rite to father and mother larabee but i cant on this a count but i think of them when i lay down on [chewed away] blanket to sleep [chewed away] like to be there to [chewed away] some of them [chewed away] made in to a [chewed away] wouldant i i [chewed away] should wall luc[chewed away] you rote a good [chewed away] this time it [chewed away] feel good i was [chewed away] git them stamps [chewed away] to rite to you keep [chewed away] good chear i will when [chewed away] git well a gain so i can [chewed away] [chewed away] like a colt this [  ?  ] [chewed away] wall i will tell [chewed away] i injoyed the [chewed away] the forth of [chewed away] july morning at 10 oclock we was all orderd to sadle our horses and to start for levnum where morgan was burning the town we reached [chewed away] the 5 morning [chewed away] 8 oclock and [chewed away] fite it began [chewed away] about 2 hours [chewed away] morgan run he [chewed away] one ridgment of [chewed away] ky and our sergent [chewed away] and 4 others they [chewed away] a way and are back [chewed away] hear all of your boys [chewed away] 20 ky was peroled [chewed away] one of them was kiled the rebels nocked them in the head with ther guns then our boys chast them into indania then from there to ohio there [chewed away] he is stoped and they [chewed away] have him and his [chewed away] forces there i [chewed away] sent back to this [chewed away] and shall stay [chewed away] till the ridgment [chewed away] so no more [chewed away] present rite soon [chewed away] my love to all [chewed away] and jake and the rest of my folks they are all my as well as yours i think tell lory jane [chewed away] i feel proud of [chewed away] letter Sina you drect as you have ben drecting they will folow the ridgment Sina dont mind me and think i am never coming back [chewed away] shall come a [chewed away] i can you said [chewed away] you was com[chewed away] hear to see me i [chewed away] like to see you [chewed away] but i think you [chewed away] not better come [chewed away] not safe so no [chewed away] good by good by Sina this is from          A H to lucina M. Wiser       Wiser