Wiser, Alphonso H. – January 6, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: January the 6 [chewed away] Sina Stil in camp [chewed away] Savannah [chewed away] the sea cost Wall Now Sina I just begain to write yesterday when I was ordered to pick up and draw some wood for the co So I will fin [chewed away] to day Now it is the 7 and [chewed away] every thing is well and [chewed away] hal and he wishes when [chewed away] to Sina hand it will [chewed away] Now Sina this [chewed away] letter I have written to you [chewed away] we have ben here and [chewed away] 3 from you and they [chewed away] to Atlanta I hope you [chewed away] Soon Wall Sina [chewed away] I sent you in letters [chewed away] in one and 5 in a nother and I [chewed away] send some more as soon as I here from that [chewed away] Need not look to the [chewed away] for it any more [chewed away] draw my pay next time [chewed away] will express it if I can for it will go so much safer so use that if you git it and as soon as I can I will send more now Sina I will say the rebs has cald for a [chewed away] of armey for 60 days and [chewed away] git it they never will [chewed away] a gain for they are [chewed away] now and they say so [chewed away] and so does all of [chewed away] here that this ware [chewed away] inside of 7 months [chewed away] here has left this [chewed away] befor last for charleston [chewed away] since it is just a crost [chewed away] from this town I was [chewed away] there the other day to see if I could find Jim but I could Not Wall Now the talk [chewed away] that our rig is a [chewed away] dismounted and git [chewed away] from her to the sity of New York [chewed away] in a few days we will start if we do so and if Not we will go somewhare North to recrut for our cav comand here is all most [chewed away] dismounted and they cant [chewed away] any thing Now and I [chewed away] far from home we ca [chewed away] horses here for you can [chewed away] your map and see [chewed away] are a grate wais south [chewed away] meny a hunderd milds [chewed away] home but Never min [chewed away] for if this ware dont [chewed away] onley 12 months longa [chewed away] and that will soon [chewed away] want it Sina and then if [chewed away] thing goes rite at home I will came home and stay and if Not [chewed away] knows what I will [chewed away] will stay here and [chewed away] not o yes Sina I [chewed away] will tell you what a young Girl here said to me the other nite on the side walk in town I was standing on the corner talking with some boys and [chewed away] come a long from meeting [chewed away] others lais so they [chewed away] ask ous if any one [chewed away] tell them whare [chewed away] was so I said yes [chewed away] said if you will go [chewed away] I will be vary much [chewed away] so no one sturd to [chewed away] she said young man [chewed away] a prety good looking [chewed away] with me and show [chewed away] whare wain street is I knew what she was and so do you and she said in a low whisper to me I will pay you and what do you think I [chewed away] [chewed away] rite off of the side walk Sina Direct A H Wiser Co I 9 [chewed away] [chewed away] Georgia Good by rite soon [On Envelope:] Mrs. Lucin [chewed away]