Wiser, Alphonso H. – January 25, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: January the 25 1865 Savannah Ga Wall now Sina as I recived your letter of the 9 of this month I will hasten to write and will say I am well and tuff as a dam buck and was Glad to here you was the same and to here you had Got the 10 dollars so I live in hops of your Giting the rest I sent Sina the wether is Dam cold here Nits it comes off of the Bit waters but I have to sleep a lone any how I have riten to you meny a letters [chewed away] onley this one sence I ben here Sina I want you to try and stay at home with Salley and I will pay her and Jake when I come home you said you was a going to school I cant see why you wan to go to school for you know it is no place for a woman if you had of wanted to go to school it was your place to have done it before you was marrid you know every body is redy to talk a bout you and in a little while you will have as had name as rosina has and I am a gointo say rite here I have had letters from folks in that parts and they keep telling me you dont do as you aught but I say nothing a bout it but now if you want any help from me you want to stay with [chewed away] and be a good Girl for I cant stand it to here so much stuff for I will never come home a gain if I cant live with you and have it said you are living with a bad woman so I will say no more on this part Wall I will say we are a going to leave this parts of the countery for South Carlina and I will say this dam ware has ruind me for life I cant see a dam minut of comfort here nor at home so in the name of God what shal I do Sina say it has cosed me to Drink and to curs and any thing to pass off time the best I can for I feel as if I was forsaken and have no friends on erth may be it will be my luck to fal before we git to charleston and I dont care one dam the boys [chewed away] here now and redy for the long march that is before us no news onley our men is following the rebs south and will folow them to the south pole if they dont give up soon they all think it will close inside of 3 months Wall now Sina I will say in your next letter I sent 5 doll and in the other 2 and if you git it thenre is some confederate money in both of them and in a nother one silver ring I made raped up in some confederate money rite soon as you git this and tell me if you git them for I want to send some more money soon so I will close give my love to Salley and Jake I rote to Salley the other day and to father larabee to I write to all Sina [chewed away] rite A. H. Wiser Co I 9 Mich Cav Savannah Ga from hal to Sina Never can forgit Sina in time to come yours truly Now and for ever and ever Sina rite soon Good Nite Sina