Wiser, Alphonso H. – January 2, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: January the ‘2’ 1865 In camp at Savannah Ga on the sea cast Wall now Sina as I am well and tuff I will rite a few lines to you hoping they will find you the same it is fine wether here and every thing is lovely on our part Now and I say to you Now I am fat as a bare Now I was waid to day and wait 154 but never did I way that at home Sina you Never see me so fat in your life as I am now Wall Sina I sent you that money I said I was a gointo but Not all yet I sent 10 Dollars in and 15 in the other one the 18 of Dec the other the 30 so if you git that I will send more soon as I here from that Sina I saw Jim the other Day he was well he told me some things I Never dream of but I say Northing as long as my wife behavs and be a Good Girl to me but when I here of her runing with other men then I will say something Sina it is hard to reed some of the letters that some of our boys gits from ther wives they go back on ther men this dam ware has ruined many men and wiming I feel for the boys for I was in a fit once to wasant I Sina and if I should here any more I should Go in ass but I trust I have a Wife that will Save her Name and when I come I can live with with out any one saying hol wife was a bad cat I know of 4 in our co that has ben ruind by ther wives sence they left home and Now they Drink and curs it is bad Wall I was in Savannah Ga on the New Years Day of 1865 a thinking of my folks at home Sina whare was you at home I guss Wall Sina here is a New yers present that I made out of A ten cent peace of silver so I will close and remain your true and Afectionate boy and hope you are the same to me a Good Girl Good by rite soon Direct to A. H. Wiser Co I 9 Mich. Cav Savannah Georgia Sina my Dream was bad last Nite but I can stand it What it was one year longer I thought it was so you can guess may I sleep with you When I come home or not