Wiser, Alphonso H. – January 18, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: Jenuary the 18 65 In Camp at Savannah Ga Now Sina I seat myself this morning to pen you a few lines to let you know I am stil a live and in good helth and hope if you ever git this it will find you the same this is the 5 letter Now that I have writen since I ben here to you and recived None from you so I will write this and wait for you to write before I write any more for there is no use of my writing to you for may be you dont want me to write to you any more fore I cant here from you the rest of the men here fits ther mail and I cant so I will wait and see if you wonnt rite and tell me what is rong between you and me Wall now we are a going to start in the morning for some parts of the country we are a going to strike first for Augusta south carling then from ther to Charleston from ther if we git Charleston to richmond so you will not here from me in some time and may be never a gain for we are bound to go through if every one dies trying for this dam ware must be crushed now or every man Slaughtered in the field of southern confederate Stats of America and I may be one of the Nomber but if I do remember it is for the old flag and the union but I trust I may come out all rite as before but God noes best so let him be the judge Now this ware has ruind meny A Good woman and men and to day I feel that I am one of them so let it rip Sina for my part I cant say as I care one dam Now sence I cant her from you and you have stoped of riting to me well I saw henry more one of our boys he has just come from home he said he saw mae and one other of my sisters and they was at coldwater so he said they was all well and you to so this was some 4 weeks a go Wall I wrote to your father sence I ben here and to Saley and to hiram but cant here from any I think if Saley gits my letter she will rite to me         Wall now Sina that money I sent to you write if you git it and tell me whether you git it all or not 10 in one and 5 in the other and 2 in the other pleas tell me the boys is all well here now Asa Del Ren munt so I will close for I am not fit to write to day for my mind is out of gier and I will say Give my love to Salley and jake and best wishes to them and except the same your self. So Good By pleas Write from A H Wiser to L M Wiser Drect A H Wiser Co. I 9 Mich. Cav Savannah Georgia