Wiser, Alphonso H. – December 19, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: Dec the 18 [chewed away] In [chewed away] Near Savana [chewed away] On the bank of the ocian Wall now Sina as i seat myself this morn to write this note in answer to 3 letters [chewed away] recived last nite fro[chewed away] one the 13 of Nov [chewed away] 20 the other 8 and [chewed away] hear from you so [chewed away] Wall Sina we have [chewed away] a coming from [chewed away] Wall Sina we have [chewed away] to the big waters of [chewed away] ocian Whare we can [chewed away] live on oysters and [chewed away] here Sina i wish you was [chewed away] to see the big ocian and see [chewed away] things in it we [chewed away] hard fiting now [ ? ] [chewed away] A nuff for them [chewed away] Sina now a bout the money i never sent it for the express was closed before i got there so i will try to send it from here now i want you to have it as soon as i can send it [chewed away] feel sorow for you and [chewed away] try to send it soon [chewed away] i am at a stand [chewed away] to put some in [chewed away] or not Wall Sina [chewed away] a day or to if i [chewed away] would rather express it [chewed away] free was marrid [chewed away] of Ellottes girls bully [chewed away] you said stpen [chewed away] was dead to Wall [chewed away] all stand a chance to die here and how soon no one noes Wall Sina i [chewed away] driving teem [chewed away] and have ben [chewed away] Weeks and i [chewed away] shall stay here for [chewed away] while now for i ant in [chewed away] fits here the rig is here now the boys is all well now i saw Jim the other day and he is all rite i [chewed away] De bats to he is [chewed away] Sina i cant [chewed away] morning [chewed away] Same as ever [chewed away] i am well [chewed away] to forgot Wall [chewed away] close for now [chewed away] by rite so[chewed away] Good Girl [chewed away] Good boy from [chewed away] to my girl Sina [chewed away] Good by [On Envelope:] Mrs. Lucin[chewed away] Coldw[chewed away] Michigan