Smith, William A. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 17th Michigan Infantry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: be better by this time. But if I dont stop the mail will leave me for a day later still so I will close with my love. Frank Townsend is still working at Kaighns Point and will be for some weeks. Yours Truly Mollie   East Capital Barracks Hospital Washington DC 5th/65   Dear Sister Molley I am trying to answer your kind letter that I received yesterday as they took me over to the Hospital I have a heave cole settle in my left side and I am very short winded   and my Head eakes so bad that I can hardly see at all I think I will get over it now when I was first take -n they thought I woul dnot live till night I was taken with a chile at first and then I got so weeak that I could not walk with out 2 men leading me well I have bin sick 5 days and I am getting better so you nead not be fritten well I cant write any more at presant So my love to you all I will write when I get able From your Brother Sergt Wm A Smith Co D 3d Regt VRC Washington DC