Nims, Hannibal H. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 10th Michigan Infantry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: On Board for Pittsburg Landing Friday Morning Dear Hattie I wrote you yesterday while on the car & promised to write again as soon as we got to St Louis no answer last night just at dusk we went right on the Boaat We leave in two hours our whole Reg is on the Boat & some other making some twelve wounded on our Boat makes pretty crowded work To command & was a agoing to send a letter but the Boat is off in 20 minutes so I must [ ? ] up if I get at Hattie [ ? ] have a chance I wood going up the River we shall be from 3 to 5 days going & then we are in [ ? ] secesh The boys all feel well & are cheering every [ ? ] that passes Hattie good bye I do not know where to have my mail directed so must wait till I writ again Good Bye [ ? ] Han More On boat not off yet nothing new to add except since [ ? ] Dear Hattie believe me or not my love for you is as sincere as you could wish absence is what tests us all & mine has only [ ? ] since leaving & my only hope for a happy life in the future is in you & my faith in you is full with understanding you try so hard to abuse your- self Good bye how I wish I could have a good bye from the lips instead of on paper You must write often as soon as I know where letters will reach me if you hear from Charlie write whether you hear from me again or not excuse this [ ? ] as my desk is a news paper. Good bye Yours Han