Holton, Samuel M. – September 13, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 2nd Michigan Infantry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: Muster-In Roll of Assit Surg. Samuel M. Holton in the Second Regiment, (…………………Brigade,) of Michigan Infty Volunteers, commanded by Colonel William Humphrey  called into the service of the United States, by The President of U.S. from the thirteenth day of September 1864, (date of this muster,) for the term of Three years unless sooner discharged.
Number of each grade. Names. Present and Absent. (Privates in alphabetical order.) Rank. Age. Joined for Duty and Enrolled. Traveling Valuation, in Dollars, of- Where enrolled by the Officers of the U.S., under the act approved March 3, 1863, known as the Enrollment Act. * Remarks 1..Every man whose name is on this roll must be accounted for on the next muster roll. 2. The exchange of men by substitution, and the exchanging, swapping, or loaning of horses after muster into service, are strictly forbidden.
To place of rendezvous, No. of Miles From place of discharge home, no. of miles Horses. Horse Equipm’ts In what state. Number of the enrollment district
When. Where. By Whom Enrolled. Period. Michigan Battle Creek Calhoun Mustered in from Civil Life as Asst Surg 2d Mich Vol Infty vice Asst Surg Ha Cleland resigned April 19th 1864 Mustered in to date Sept 13th 1864
1 Holton Samuel M Asst Surg 28 Sept 13 64 Aikin House Va Gov of Mich 3 yrs
I certify, on honor, that this Muster Roll exhibits the true state of Asst Surg. Samue M Holton 2d Mich Vol Infty. for the period herein mentioned; that each man answers to his own proper name in person; and that the remarks set opposite the name of each officer and soldier are accurate and just. Samuel M. Holton Asst Surg 2d Mich Vol Infty Date: September 13 1864 Station: Aikin House Va We certify, on oath, that the figures opposite names on this roll, for valuation of horses and horse equipments, represent and show the true cash value of the horses and equipments of the men, respectively, at the place of enrollment, according to our honest, impartial judgment.Sworn to and subscribed beforeAppraisers.Date: Station: Mustering Officer.
I certify, on honor, that I have carefully examine the office whose name is borned on this Roll, ……………horse and equipment, and have accepted him into the service of the United States for the term of three years unless sooner discharged from this thirteenth day of September 1864. Otis Fisher 1st Lt 8 US + A.C.M. 3d Div 9th ALDate: September 13 1864 Station: Aikin House Va
(A.G.O.No. 21-First.)                                                  Directions *1st. All officers mustering troops into the service of the U.S. will take special care to see that opposite every name, whether officer of Soldier, are entered the State and the No. of the Enrollment District in which he was enrolled under the act of Congress, approved March 3, 1863, (known as the Enrollment Act,) by the Enrolling Officers of the United States. 2d. The Mustering Officer will see that four copies of this Roll are made, three of which he will retain; the fourth will be retained by the Company Commander, or, in case of Field and Staff, and officers and men mustered into service separately or in squads, bu the Senior Officer, Non-commissioned, or the Private standing first on the list of persons so mustered in, to be handed by him to the person who musters them or him at his next muster, that the new Muster Rolls may be properly made out. The Mustering Officer will dispose of the three copies retained by him as follows: He will send one to the Adjutant General of the Army, one to the Paymaster General of the Army, and one to the Adjutant General of the State to which the troops belong. These will be sent as soon as possible after the muster-in.