Bibbins, Charles D. – June 20, 1919

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Oakland, June 20, 1919. My dear O. T., Your several letters and clippings received, and regarding your offer to supply me with a copy of the Prison Book if I return the address of same, I could’nt think of allowing you to do it, you have done too much of that kind of donations already, I thank you just the same, and appreciate your kindness, but I’ll have to accept the will for the deed and send for it myself, and we will both read it.

Beaver, Goodwin S. – August 5, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Miscellaneous Items

Claim of Father for Arrears of Pay and Bounty. Authorized Agency of Fitch, Hine & Fox. Corner 7th and F streets, Washington D.C. State of Michigan SS. County of Calhoun On this 5 day of August 1865, personally appeared before use, a Jeremiah Justice of the Peace in and for the County and State aforesaid, Jeremiah M Beaver of the County of Calhoun and State of Michigan

Bonfoey, Charles R. – March 24, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Ahrena friday March 24, 1865 Dear friend Agustust it is with the greatest of pleasures that I now take my pen in hand to write you a few lines that I am well and in good helth since the rebels has let mee free thay tried ther best to starve me to death but thay found out that I was determende not to die

Scofield, Thomas D. – November 14, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Richland jail Columbia S.C. Nov 14th 1864 Rev. Chaplain Huntley Dear Sir You will probably be surprised to recieve a letter from a prisoner of war who is comparatively a stranger to you; but you will pardon me for this intrusion when you concider my unhappy situation and the motives which induced me to write.

Bonfoey, Charles R. – October 16, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Eastern Div. [ ? ] Department of the Interior Pension Office. Washington D.C. Dec 12. 1882 Sir: Referring to your invalid pension claim No. 378585, as late private Co. A 4 Mass. Cav., you are requested to inform this office, with return of this letter, of the location of the General Hospital, as which you a [ ? ] treatment

Kessler, Thomas J. – September 9, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Camp Douglas Chicago Illinois 1st Regiment SharpShooters Brass Rand September 9th 1863 Dear friends at home I take pleasure to write you a few lines to day It has been some time since I recieved your letter and have written one before this time I am well at present have not been very well for a few days but am pretty well to day the camp disentary seems to be the complaint among all the soldiers the reason why I did not write sooner was because I was out of paper and stamps and not in red to buy more