Merrill, Simeon B. – June 5, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 5th Michigan Infantry Battles Mentioned: Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia Historical Figures: Andersonville Georgia June 5th 1864 Dear Wife You have probably ere this heard that I am dead or missing I was taken prisioner on the morning of the 12th of May we had been fighting about one hour near Spottsylvania Court house I am now a prisioner of war but I am well hope if this even reaches you it will find you the same There is two more Livingston men with me one by the name of Samuel Simon Dolph brother to Peter Lamoreux wife and a young man by the name of Marr from the Town of Howell how long we shall stop here I cannot tell but you must keep up good courage and maybe all will be right yet I am not allowed to write but one page and my pen is very poor. Write as soon as you receive this Julia for I want to hear from you very much Direct to Camp Sumpter Andersonville Georgia 64 Detatchment 3rd Mess SB Merrill I came in here one week ago to day no more this time [On Envelope:] Mrs Julia Merrill Fowlerville Livingston County Michigan Prisioner of War