Lattimer, Milford M. – October 7, 1861

Michigan Civil War Collection Miscellaneous Items

Grand Rapids, Oct 7th 1861. I certify that Milford M. Latimer has enlisted in Company E in the Third Regiment of Michigan Volunteer Cavalry for three years or during the War and has been mustered into the service of the United States M M Latimer Captain. [ ? ] Col. Cammanding.

Burge, Caroden S. – October 13, 1860

Michigan Civil War Collection

Caroden S. Burge. Kalamazoo Oct 13th 1860. Composition No. 11. Poem No. 4. For Philolexian Soc. Paper. The Devil’s Defeat. Honor and shame from no condition rise; Act well your part; there all the honor his. By the terms honor and shame we mean not the mere name which we often hear given to those around us, but the just deserts of men for the past I which they bear in life: