Wiser, Alphonso H. – September 14, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry

Battles Mentioned: Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

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[twocolumns]September the 14 1863
Camp near Knoxville
tennes [chewed away]
wall Sina as i and all of the
boys have the chance of riting
once more to these folks and
friends Wall Sina it has ben
a long time sence I have
riten but the reason of it [chewed away]
because there has not ben [chewed away]
male rout until now
our boys went down and took
the Cumberlain Gap they
got back last nite they
took the Gap and 25
hundard men and onley
lost 1 killed 2 wounded
6 peces of Canon now it
givs ous the mail rout

Wall we are camped hear for
while we was 5 weeks coming
hear every day in the sadle
but too it whiped me out
so i ben under the wether
for the last week but
this morning i feel all rite
the rebels say they wont fite
no more there was with them
that our boys took at the
Gap one ridg of north
Carlinans they had to Gard
all the time so they should
not runaway they want
fite there is no use of talking
Wall Sina i like to forgt
to tell you i am well
as usual and hope these
few lines may find
you the same so take things

Wall Lusina there is lots
of prety Girls hear they say
they want to mary yankes
but they dont know as
our boys make them think
they are the pretyis things
in the world but the
worst of it is they all
got the you know any
how the boys git it
thank God i am out [chewed away]
all such craps i tend to
my bisnes and am all rit
Wall Sina i hant drawn no
pay yet there is 4 monts
pay due me and i cant
say when we shall draw our
pay a gain but it is all
got to come some time
Wall i Cant think of any thing to rite

Wall now you must
rite soon for i want to
hear from you all
tell our folks to rite
give my love to all so
no more at present
rite soon you can
drect to Cincinati Ohio
they will follow ous
so this is all so i say
Good by for this time
this is from your
true friend A H Wiser
to his Girl L. M. Wiser
Good by[/twocolumns]