Smith, Joseph R. – July 1, 1856

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 7th US Army Infantry

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Monroe Mich
My Dear Gordon        1st July 1856
Will you please inform me
whether by the [  ?  ] of the [  ?  ] Dept. I am
deprived of my allowance of stationary
as well as [  ?  ] and I am required by Reg
ulations to send off Six [         ?         ]
month of my situation and much
to my annoyance [          ?          ]
[     ?     ] Certificate and [  ?  ] state
ments on honor.
Is there any regulation requiring
an officer to be on duty in order to
[     ?     ] that allowance? [  ?  ] and if so
where is that regulation found. I am
on duty certainly as far as making
out and Sending off all those re
ports every month. And Enough is
I think, to Entitle me to my allowance
What think you? Please inform
me on the
And greatly oblige
[  ?  ] in the bond of [      ?      ]
J.R. Smith
W.A. Gordon Esq