Scott, George W. – July 8, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 1st Michigan Engineers

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Lenois July 8th 1865
Friend Mett
It is with pleasure that I seat myself to address you and inform you how your friend Geo. gets along. I am well and happy hoping that this will find enjoying the same Special Blessing. I got a letter from you some time ago and I answered it but I dont think I can wait for and answer so I will write another and before this reaches you I hope that I shall get an answer from my last. I suppose you are doing all the good you can in the Schoolroom this Summer, whilst I am down here serving Uncle Sam. I am willing to do all the good I can for him whilst I stay down here and when he gets through with me I will come home to Welcome my friends and my comrads who have done their part in Defense of their country. I hope the day is not far distant we ill all come home with hearts as brave and true as when we come out. Although I guess their will be one of our number who will never come back and he is our friend John Marshall, Mett I feel sorry but I think the Enemy has slain him in the State of South Carolina. Perhaps you have heard of his capture before this gets to you, if not then this letter will inform you. I will tell you as far as I can find out about it. He was Stand Picket near small village in South Carolina and when he was relieved, he started off to water his horse as he said, so the Boys waited a while for him to come back and he did not come. So they went on and left him to join the regiment which left about 4 hours previous to this. They never heard from John after that and it is supposed that the Rebels either took him prisoner or killed him. The rebels were in sight all around there when he started out, and as all the rest of the boys have come in that were captured, it is supposed that they killed him. Yet he may come out all right, but I think it is doubtful. There was nothing going on here the 4th of July. I suppose there was considerable going on up there. I guess I will come home before long for there is a good deal of talk of our being mustered out before long but I dont care. Its just as I said. When they get through with me down here than I am coming home, and I guess I will have a kiss or two. Dont you think so. I do. So Good Bye and Write Soon.