Pritchard, Benjamin D. – May 29, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 4th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: Willards Hotel Washington D.C. May 29/65 Mary my Dear Dear Wife, I have waited and prayed that I might hear from the dear one but still no greetings come from the Precious Object of my hearts fondest love although ten long days have passed since I wrote you from Fortress Monroe and I am feeling verry sad indeed for I cannot im- -agine why it is so. as I have recieved letters from almost every city at the North. Oh! Mary Darling I am afraid that some thing is the matter that you are sick and not able to write me but then I feel that you would have some one write for you if that was so. And then I think that you are absent & have not recieved my letters. I have telegraphed to Father Kurt tonight and shall anxiously await a reply, hoping and praying that I may hear no bad news. I want to hear from you to know whether you can meet me in Philadelphia soon. I think the Secretary of War will five me a leave of absence and if he does I would like to have you meet me in Phil and we would go and visit Webb & Killy, and perhaps New York. I arrived here on the morning of the 25th & have been engaged at the War Department most of the time since & when I have not been my room has been thronged with visitirs I have been visited by large delegations from all of the Government Departments also by the Governor Lt. Governor & Congressmen from Mich with their families. often being visited by two hundred people in one evening, many of whom I have to supply with Autographs &c. I have rect a most cordial welcome from every- -body & every service. –Yesterday I recieved a verry pressing invitation from the Ladies of Baltimore by telegraph to be present at their fair in that City tonight. I should liked to have gone verry much if my Darling Mary could have been with me. but to go without you and without knowing where or how you are, I did not wish to and consequently excused myself on the plea of duty but I hope to visit their city at no distant day and recieve their hospitality & congratulations and satisfy their curiosity. I recieved from the Secretary of War to day an affirmation to the rank of Brevet Brigadier Gen to rank as such from the 10th or may. I do not know how long I will be kept here but I hope not long. Oh! Mary I have many many things to say to you but it is late and I am so weary that I cannot write them tonight. Oh! Dearest Love I hope I shall hear from you tomorrow if I do not I shall be tempted to start for Ohio. I do not think you had better direct any letter after recieving this to Washington, but you may address me once at Phil if you please and I think I will get it. when I will be able to five you further directions as to addressing me in future. And now I will say Good Night to my Dear Dear Little Wife, asking God to bless and com- -fort her and praying that before many days I will be permitted to fold to my bosom. Good night Dearest good night. Kiss the Little Ones & give my love to all From Thy Loving Husband Dudley Address B. D. Pritchard Brevt Brig Gen U.S.A. [On Envelope:] Mrs B. D. Pritchard Chagrin Falls Ohio May 29 1865 Letter telling about being made a gen.