Potter, Charles H. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 2nd Michigan Cavalry

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Historical Figures: John H. Morgan

[twocolumns]Head Quarters 11th Michigan Cavalry
Camp Ella Bishop Lexington Ky

Mr. E P Potter
Sir having a little spare
time this sunday evening. though
I would not improve the time
to a better advantage then –
writing to you. Well wee have
arrived at our destination. have
been here three weeaks & it is
most dredful cold weather the
thremometer stood 18 bellow
zero on New Years day, that as nearly
as cold as my own native state
wee ar located about one half
mile from the City of Lexington
the Population being about 15
thousand & has been a buisness
place. but was & rumors of war
has done the most of buisness

men away. that notorious Gurrilla
chief John Morgan, carrid on
an extensive factory before the war
that is played out. I was in
at a coffe house the other day drinking
some coffee & eating some soft bread
a collard women to pour out my
coffee. she asked me what state I
was from Michigan as a matter
of course. she thought the women
were great for multiplying & –
Replenishing thare has been fine Regt
here from, the [     ?     ] state. I asked
the woman if she knew, Johney, Me,
Oh ([  ?  ] yes & he is [  ?  ] for this
women. Bulley for (John), [  ?  ] the
city is above half & half, but whare
a man is union it goes to his
Boots, know half way work about
it I have conversed with good
many. thay say they think the institution
of Slavery is right but save the
union & let Slavery goe to the Devel

if is nessary. I think this Rebellion
is about played out about next
June old, Jeffs kingdom will –
crumble. they are filling up the
[   ?   ] Regt. they & the new ones
will swoop down on them like
a night Hawk on a june bug
well dry up this idle talk now
are all the royal bloods of Homer
here they [   ?   ] yet. how many
men did they snatch from our
quiet little villiage. I understand
that Charley has a position in the
fourtenth battery. I am glad to here
it he has earned his shoulder strap
& they are a nice body of men
well the rumor is now that
wee are to leav here in a short
time going to Winchester 18 miles east
of here. Whare wood is more
plenty. it casts twelve 12 dollars a
card here small price, well taps
have blown & I must draw

this to a close should like to
have you write as often as posoble
Give my respects to all my
friends if I have any, say [   ?   ]
Shattuck. that he resembles our
old Colonel his face is somewhat
red I guess he takes in a little
Brandy & Sugar. I had a sip of
Ky corn, & it is ahead of Michigan
but they don’t sell any to soldiers
it being fifty dollars [  ?  ] well good
by for the present write as soon
as you can I will subscribe
myself, in friendship,
Sergt E. G. Champion
Co H 11th Michigan
Vol Cavalry Lexington Ky
Camp Ella Bishop[/twocolumns]