Phelps, George – July 16, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 7th Michigan Infantry

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Sodus July 16th 1865
Dear Neaice
After so long a time
by writing several times I have suckseeded
in giting your marage certificate wich
I now send to you Althoug the war has closed
and George has or is about to return home
from the dangers of the Battle Field it may be of
some use to you if no more then to site
your mind back to days in other years
then you was so busy Imployed in trying to
to make a Fathers House cumfortable and
the changes that time has made
as I cannot write a long letter I will [ ? ]
of the folks my helth is very good & James’s
helth is beter at present then it has bin
some time Amelia is not very well at present
Richard & Newton are well at present.
Isaac Clarks Wife has had a parshul stroke
of the palsy She is giting better it has
been quite hard luck for him as it has confind
him to home the most of the season

Ant Phebie helth is quite good she
keeps select school this season
it seemes to be a bad that she is oblige to teach
school if she is able Now that she is so old
Alberts famely are all well and all the rest
of the folks in this place Some of the Soldiers
are returning home in this place some will
Never Return. William John expected to
be home before now but his Redgement has
bin sent to Sevanah and he will not get home
much before his time is out wich is in November
maley you have not heard from your Uncle Henry
Clows theay lost there two youngest Boys
Tomy – 16 years & Roby – 12 years they dide over a
year ago with the spotted feaver Laura
Clow is marred and has got a daughter
Uncle Richards famely are well he has 3 children
his oldest girl teaches school he is presiding
Elder on Mount C[ ? ] District Ill
Now I wonder if you ever talk of visiting
the friend in old Sodus I wish you would
When Gerge gets home just come it wont cost much
and I should think you r Mother wold come
eny way this summer now I must close
wife and chirldren join me in love to
your famely and mother
To M J Phelps                Isaac Andrews