Phelps, George – January 27, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 7th Michigan Infantry

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27 1865
Camp of the 7 Mich January the
Near Petersburg virginia
Dear wife inow sit down to rite a few
lines to you to let you know that
that iam well at present and hope
few lines may find you the same
ihave waited until nine oClock
for the mail expecting a letter
from youbut was disapointed
so thought iwould rite a few
lines to you to pass away the
time for the last week ihave
had but verry little duty to
do so ihave the more time
to rite and ishal improv it
this makes four letters
ihave rote this week and have
received but one but iam not
dycouraged yet for ithink they
will come faster after awhile
ihave not been on guard nor picket
since rote last and am verry glad
to get rid of it for itis verry cold

wether here now although thare
has not been any snow here yet
except alittle the fore part of last
month thare is some signs of
this cruel war comeing to a close
soon so ihave some hopes of
getting home before the three
years is up but if idont ithink
ishal be in agreat hurry to get
home then but then imust be
patient and the time will soon
come for one third of it is past
by and gone thare has been any
order sent in to brigade head
quarters to send some men home
arecruiting but no private can get
on that but Clark is atrying to
get achance but it is uncertain
as he was home in the summer
the Jonnies maid adash on our
gun boats in the river a few nights
ago but they got drow back with
aloss of four of thair best boats

so idont think they will try it
again soon ihave not received any
pay yet and it is uncertain whether
iget any before march and if idont
idont know what ishal do for
for ishall have to leave off rieting
for the want of stamps unless isend
my letters through without them
and then you will have to pay six
cents before you can get them out
of the post office but iguesss thare
will some way turn up that
ican send all the letters home
that iget rote irote one to my brother
Joseph and one mary Loomis and
one to mr fletcher but have
not go any answer from them
yet Elizabeth Phelps husband
is in the 24 Mich infantry 5th Corps
but ihave forgot his name
ifound out that he was here by
one of the 7 boys that was aneighbor
of his when he is at home but ihave

not seen him yet although
iam going to see him soon
so it is now after noon
and ihave not done thing
about dinner yet so imust
bring this porly rote and
poorly composed letter to
aclose rite as often as you can
this from your affectionate
husband George Phelps

[On Envelope:]

Mrs. George Phelps
Dansville, Ingham Co