Mortimer, Caleb C. E. – April 23, 1861

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 1st Massachusetts Light Artillery

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Steamer De Sota Chesapeake Bay
10 oclock am Tuesday April 23 1861
Dear Wife
I take this opportunity of writing to to you and let you know how we was getting along here we are just entering Chesapeake Bay in about three hours we hope to meet the war vessels
that are to convoy us up the river and expect to land about 8 oclock to night [  ?  ] a little sea sickness every [  ?  ] tis as gay as larks and in capital spirits I was quite sea sick last night but to day am all right we have just dumped one of our horses overboard which died this morning we loss one horse overboard in New York but we fished him out again and now he [       ?        ] fright as a [  ?  ] I have often thought of you and the little [             ?           ] but not with regret for I am [  ?  ] doing my duty upholding the [  ?  ] of our country give my love to father and mother and all friends and let the boys in he office know that you hear from me the next time you hear me I hope you will hear something worth hearing about

I am ever your affectionate husband
Caleb C. E. Mortimer