Hogmire, Mitchell H. – December 23, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 3rd Michigan Cavalry

Battles Mentioned:

Historical Figures: Frederick Steele, John B. Hood, Joseph J. Reynolds, Quincy A. Gillmore

Brownsville Sta Arkansas
Dec. 23 64
Dear Father
As I was thinking it a long
time since I received a letter
from you and forgetting
whether I had answered or
not will now improve the present
This leaves us well I mean
all but John Bonesteel he has
a bad cough Hope this may
find you enjoying good health
which is the source of happiness
There is but little news of impor
tance in this Department now
of course you know of the super
cedure of Gen Steele by Gen
Reynolds formerly of New
Orleans and most likely
the coming spring campaign
will be of some interest as all

seem to think so now there
is but few Rebs in this vicin
ity now only Bushwhackers and
they are scarce William Ewers
of our Co was taken the other day
near here there was six of them
that took him he was alone they
took him off towards Mosuri most
likely when we hear from him
next he will be at St Louis or
Camp Chase if they dont kill
Duane Mother and Jane have
asked one what I think of the
place they have bought You know
best whether it is a good bargain
or not and of course I am not
there to decide all know it to be a
nice place and if all land is as
high as Jane writes it is cheap enou
gh Duane Maj Gen Gillmore
passed through here enroute
to Little Rock on an inspection

tour. To night we have news
from Nashville of importance
Hood has been whipped with
a loss of 17 guns and 2000
prisoners Hope they will clean
him out effectively
Now as to renting the place you
and henry know what would be
right and do the best you can
My best respects to all
Excuse Brevity M. H. Hogmire

Dear Wife
You will no doubt think
I might write on another sheet
but excuse this when I say this
leaves us all well I Recd yours
of Dec 9 Was truly glad hear of
your good health hope Vickey is
well ere this tell her to write to me
Jane I suspose you all will have
a fine time Christmas and
New Years but we will be content

here with our hard tack
and sow belly hoping we may
have the luxuries of peace
next Christmas
Jane they are mounting guard
now which you could see them
the band is playing too which
make it nice but I truly hope
you may never witness it as
some who are here this morning
I mean Reffogoes as they call
them who have been turned
out of house and they burned
perhaps I say you are well off and
when I think of it it double pays
me for all the privation I have
ever suffered and now Jane keep
all of the courage you can muster
up for only think 7 months more
When I get paid I will send you
some money to buy clothing with
Jane say to Aunt Calista and
Henry I would like to hear
from them Write to Daniel and
have him sell the place if you can
no more at this time excuse all
mistakes Yours forever MH Hogmire