Fargo, Daniel T. – April 21, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 2nd Michigan Cavalry

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No. 3
The United States                    to

On what account. Commencement and Expiration. Term of Service Charge Pay per Month Amount Remarks
Pay From… To… Months. Days. Dollars. Cents. Dollars. Cents. I hereby certify, on honor that I am on
My way [  ?  ] my regt ret [  ?  ] by authority of Special Order No. 94 dated [  ?  ] 3/64 Headquarters of Dept of Cumberlan of Maj. Gene Sheman Com’y
Dan T Fargo
Capt Com [  ?  ] Co F 2nd Mich Cav.I hereby certify that I have seen and noted this payment on the above mentioned order[  ?  ] [  ?  ]
For Myself Jany 1st 1864 Feby 29 1864 2 80 160
For  private servant not soldier 2 12 24
For  private servant not soldier 2 2 50 5
For Horses
No. of days No. of Rations Total No. of Rations Post or place  where due. Price of Rations.


For myself for    year service 60 4 Louisville Ky 30



30 90
For  private servant not soldier 60 1


I HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing account is accurate and just; that I have not been absent with or without leave during any part of the time charged for; that I have not received pay, nor drawn rations, forage, or clothing, in kind, or received money in lieu
of any part thereof, for any part of the therein charged; that I actually owned, and kept in service, the horses, and employed the private servants for which I charge, for the whole of the time charged, and that I did not, during the terms so charged, or any part hereof, keep of employ a soldier as a waiter or servant; that the annexed is an accurate description of my servant; that for the whole period charged for my staff appointment, I actually and legally held the appointment, and did duty in the department; that I was the actual and only commanding officer at the double-ration post charge for; and that no officer, within my knowledge has a right to claim, or does claim, for said services for any of the period charged; that for the whole time brevet pay is claimed, I had the command stated; that I was actually in the command of a company for the whole time additional pay is charged; that I have not been in the performance of any staff duty for which I claim or have received extra compensation during the time an additional ration is charged for; that I have been in the United States Army as a commissioned officer for the number of years stated in the charge for extra rations; that I am not in arrears with the United States on any account whatsoever, and that the last payment I received was
from Paymaster  Maj Hallorray      , and to the  31   day of    Dec  1863    I at
the same time acknowledge that I have RECEIVED of    Maj L T Thustin                    Paymaster U.S. Army, this  21
day of  April 1864      , the sum of  Two Hundred Seventy three             dollars and   sixty three         cents, being the amount and in full of said account.(SIGNED IN DUPLICATE.)          Dan T. Fargo
Capt Com [  ?  ] F 2nd Mich. Cav.
Description of Servants. Recapitulation.
Names. Complexion. Height.
Feet.    |  Inches.
Eyes. Hair Pay
Amount               $
William Dark 5                3 Dark Dark

Voucher No. 395
Paid the 21 of April 1864
Daniel T. Fargo Capt
2nd Mich U.S. Cavly
From 1 of Jany 1864
To the 24 of Feby 1864


[  ?  ] 179.00    5.37