Winchell, Edward A. – November 4, 1861

Michigan Civil War Collection

Camp near Fort Lyons Nov 4th 61 Dear Bro Add I received your welcome letter yesterday and at the same time I received one from Uncle Geiger. My last letter to you was so small I will try and make up for it this time. I dont know how it it is but I write worse every time I dont believe you can read this without spelling it out. Last Thursday we were mustered for pay and I suppose we will be paid in a week or two.

Foreman, James A. – October 1, 1861

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Munsons Hill Oct 1st 1861 My Dear I am now seated under a pretty shade tree in front of a mans house we are here guarding the premises the New York 37 regiment are emcamped a short distance from here and they are bound to destroy the premises