Bunyea, Chauncey – March 9, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

Camp on the potomac Monday Creek Near March Fallmouth My dear parent virginia The 9th 1863 i have just recieved your kind letter and i was glad to hear from you once more and to hear that you and all the rest of the family were enjoying good health and i hope that these few lines will find you still enjoying the same blessing as they leave me at presant time i am sory to hear that grand father is so ill but i supose that if it his time to go he must for it is just as natural for a man to leave the world as it is for him to come into it

Byrns, William – September 28, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Camp at Blackford’s Ford, Md. September 28th, 1862 Tis the “quiet Sabbath now” but one can hardly realize that it’s the Sabbath, We are busy very busy in arranging the affairs of our comrades which disease and death have put in a good deal of confusion and today we learn of the death of another or our little band of Officers – Lieut. Wilkins Bloodgood died of his wounds Monday

Beardsley, Henry B. – May 18, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Opposite Fredricksburg May 18th 1862 Dear Cousin Louiso Your good letter of the 4th [ ? ] reached me the 12th I am happy that you have recovered your health again. Mother had informed me that you were very ill. + was fearful [ ? ] be a long time before you would to [ ? ] to health. Louise your excuse for not writing before was a good one + I would be a blockhead for not granting you forgiveness, wouldent I

Benton, Thomas H. – May 5, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Camp near Rappahannock, May 5th 1862 Dear Father: I received you kind letter of the 28th of April last night and was glad to learn that you were all well at home. I received a letter from Jesse a short time since, and he did not say anything about Susan being unwell. When I wrote to you last, we were on the Fredericksburg railroad six miles northeast of the city. On Friday last we marched to where we now are.

Carter, Walter P. – December 2, 1861

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Camp Arlington Dec 2 1861 Friend Mary, I received your letter yesterday, and should have answered it last night if I had not been on guard. I shall not agree to write much of a letter this morning for I am so tired and sleepy and I can hardly think what I am trying to write about and my mind is constantly reverting to other selves which have passed and gone never to return.

Fisher, George W. – November 10, 1861

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Camp Tillinghast 1861 VA. Nov. 10th Sunday Dear Sister I received yours of Nov 3d last night. I am well as usual, the reason that I did not write is because I have been so busy that I have not had time we had a grand review yesterday near Hauls Hill.