Burns, Robert – May 8, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

Military Division of the Mississippi Near Macon Ga May 8 1865. My dear Davidson I have been intending for a long while to write you and give an account of our doings in this part of the country but have heretofore had no opportunity of sending a letter off. In fact I do not know when this will be started, but I will try to have it ready for the first opportunity. I suppose you have seen in the papers some account of our doings if they will allow us a column or two in the same sheet which contains the surrender of Lee & Johnsons.

Griffin, Levi T. – March 2, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Head Qrs Cavalry Corps M.S.M. Gravelly Springs Ala. March 2nd 1865 General. The Brivet Major General Commanding directs me to say, that he wishes you to furnish any number of men Capt. Carling Chief Q. M. Cav. Corps or Col. McKay may require to procure fuel for transports.

Burns, Robert – November 15, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

H’d Qrs 1st Brig 2d Cav’y Div Louisville, Ky Nov 15, 1864 My dear Davidson Nearly two months have passed since writing you, but we have been a great part of the time on the other side of the interrupted rail road communications and all of the time on the march.

Burns, Robert – August 28, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

Head-Quarters 1st Brig., 2d Cavalry Division, Near Sand Town, GA August 28 1864. My dear Davidson A few days ago I wrote you a few lines announcing my safe return from one of these raids which leave generally been so unfortunate in this Department On the 18th at 1 AM our and Col Long’s Brigades the 1st + 2d all under Col Minty left our Peach Tree Creek Camp on the left of our army and at 7 the next morning reported to Genl Kilpatrick at Sand Town, having during the night passed in the rear of our army to its right. We remained quietly at Sand town during the 21st and at sundown started to cut the rebel communications south of Atlanta. Two well equipped expeditions Stoneman’s and McCook’s had been totally ruined in attempting the same thing. We however imagined we were made of sterner stuff and started off in good spirits.

Burns, Robert – December 11, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Head-Quarters 1st Brig., 2d Cavalry Division, Huntsville Ala December 11 1863. My dear Davidson Some time last month I sent you $260 by Sergt Kendall. I have not yet heard whether it (or they) arrived safely. I have been looking for a letter from you for sometime, but the mails “fail to connect.”