Thompson, Franklin – March 5, 1867

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

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Regiment: 2nd Michigan Infantry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: Oberlin Ohio March 5th 67. My Dear Friend Your kind, good, welcome letter was recieved some time since and should have been answered im- mediately had I not been over run with work. I do thank you my friend, for your kind, cheering words, and for the peace which I am still permitted to hold in your confidence and esteem. It is exceedingly grateful to me to have one of my old companions, with whom I can talk freely of [  ?  ] pact, and feel perfect confidence in his honor and truth, and not fear that my letters will ever meet other eyes than his own. I do not wonder that it seems strange to you to write to me under such circumstances for I can scarcely realize that the past is past and I am the same [      ?      ] where you used to know one — — — — Yes, “truth is stronger than fiction” and I do not blame others for doubting, what seems to myself, at time, so unreal. I am very sorry to learn that our mutual friend, Dr. Vickery, was so badly wounded, Oh, I should like to see him, but I could not tell him that I and some one else, are one and the same, and I would not be willing for him to know it under any cir- cumstances. Vickery was a good kind friend to me, and my heart is full of gratitude to him, but I could not see him, or write to him even as I know to you—and Capt. M. H[  ?  ] me as he might have loved a younger [  ?  ] brother, and never refused me a request that he could consistently grant, and yet I could not see him, or own my iden tity to him in any way. And Agt. N. what can I say of him—you know, my friend, how I have wached beside him night and day for weeks and months from first at lest, yes, months—am I loved him, oh, how much! but, as a mother might have loved a tender sensitive child, for whose life she would have willingly laid down her own—but he is gone, I trust, I belong I know, to a better world—thank God he was a sweet Christian. In my letter of inquiry of forgot to en- quire about Damon Stewart, and [  ?  ] Neill—I think you know that Stewart, I think was transferred to the 4th M—he was a good boy and I believe I owe my life to him He tool care of me when I had the ague at Hampton, and I wished my life for him once during the siege of Yorktown, a thing which he will never forget, as long as he lives, but his gratitude will be watched on an imaginary [  ?  ] and never a thought given to poor [  ?  ] Well, there were many whom I loved and respected very much but among them all I can not think of one today to whom I would write as I have done to my friend Sam—not because I love them less but because I would trust them less. I would like very much to see you, but I know I should feel so foolish that neither you nor I should [  ?  ] the interview but I shall be very happy to cor- respond with you, and do my best to entertain you as far as my poor abilities go in that direc tion. Ed. Hazen is practicing med icine in Buffalo and I think have graduated with honor—I hope your sister has a good husband, for she was a dear good girl and I loved her very much, Your sincere Friend Emma I shall deem it a great pleasure to hear from you any time [On Envelope:] Saml M. Holton M.D. Gorham New York