Thompson, Franklin – January 4, 1867

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

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Regiment: 2nd Michigan Infantry

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[twocolumns]Oberlin Ohio
Jan. 4th 1867

My dear Friend
You kind and
very welcome not is just received.
I thank you very much for your kind-
ness in writing to me and will glad-
ly avail myself of the opportunity
of making inquiry concerning some
old friends with associates of whose
fate I am in perfect ignorance.
Oh, how often I recall the days of long
ago, and have often in [       ?       ]
painted out the career of each boon
companion—some for of where my
picture does not flatter in the least—to
the majority I have assigned a high
place of honor and trust and believe
them worthy of it.
My especial favorties of the 2d
were, Capt. Morse Ajt. Noble, Vickery,
Holton, Hazen, Cleland, and Robbins.
Any information which you can
give with in regard to any of there will
be gratefully received. I know that Noble
was killed, but I know nothing of the cir-
cumstances of his death; and would
be glad to learn anything you can tell me of

As regards Eastman I should like
to know something of him, not however be-
cause I have any regard or respect
for him for he was always the “object
of my unplacable disgust” I met him
once at Harper’s Ferry in 1865 and
he second to me, so perfectly [  ?  ]
that I m voluntearely looked down [  ?  ]
to discover the lateral [  ?  ] fool.
I had the pleasure of meeting your
sister Nettie last Sept. and had “ a gay
old” visit with her—you know she was one
of “brother Frank’s” acquaintances! She
gave me one of your photographs, which
I prize very highly—but you need not
tell the future Mrs. H about it.
I was glad to learn that you had [  ?  ]
[  ?  ] your strides in the medical dept.
and had become an honored member
of that most honorable profession.
Expecting soon to hear from
You I remain
Your sincere friend

[On Envelope:]

Saml M. Holton M.D.
New York[/twocolumns]