Pritchard, Benjamin D. – May 24, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

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Regiment: 4th Michigan Cavalry

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Historical Figures: Jefferson Davis, Nelson A. Miles

Fortress Monroe May 24/65

My Dearly Beloved Wife
I will write you
a few words again this morning although
it seems as though I cannot write until I
hear from the dear One But I hope and
pray that I shall recieve some of those –
dear precious Letters, which have been my
sole comforters & sollace during the long
long weary months of this terrible war
when I arrive at Washington
but ever those have been denyied me so
long that my heart has grown denbly lonely
& desolate. But thank Heaven the rich bless-
ings of love and long denied happiness is
soon to be spread out before us in our
unbroken future. Since I wrote you last
Dearest Love. I have recieved orders to
turn over to different officers all my pris
oners, Some of whom have been sent to
Ft. Warren, some to Ft. Delaware, others to Ft.
McHenry, and one to Washington. Jeff Davis &

Clay, were escorted on shore by me on the
afternoon of the 22d inst and I delivered over
to Maj. Gen. Miles Comd’g the District of Fortress
Monroe in obedience to orders rect from the
Sec of War. They are heavily ironed and con-
fined in solitary cells, under a heavy –
guard in this Fortification where they will
be kept until trial. Mr Stanton directed
that I with my command should be
assigned Company quarters in the fort &
where I have been staying. But rect orders
from Sec S. last night to proceed to W with
my men and report in person to the
Adjutant General We will leave on the evening
Boat arriving at Washington at 7 A.M. tomorrow
when I suppose we are to be exhibited for
the benefit of the crowd which I suppose
must be endured although not desired
If there is any thing in the word to de-
test it is to be si[  ?  ]zed & I have rect enough
already to utterly disgust me. But they
are peremptory orders & I have no way
but to come to attention. If I am to be
kept a W. long or if the authorities are determined

to send me home as a Leave. I will telegraph
you Darling and would like to have my Little
Dear meet me at Webbs or at Washington as
the case may be. I dread to trust my
Precious Little Wife to the chances of another
Rail Road train but I think it would be
such a pleasant visit for us that I
cannot resist the temptation if the circum-
stances will permit. Would my Dearest Darling
like to come? Will she come?
I shall not be able to write more this
time Precious One but will write again im-
-mediately upon arriving in W. Pleas write me
often and continue to address me at Washington.
May Gods blessings rest upon my dear Dear
Darling Mary and permit me soon to fold
her to the heart of her
Loving Husband

[On Envelope:]

Mrs B. D. Pritchard
Chagrin Falls

Fortress Monroe