Potter, Charles H. – July 12, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 2nd Michigan Cavalry

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[twocolumns]Camp Sumpter Georgia
July 12th 1864
Dear Father & Mother.
Knowing that
you are very anxious to hear from me
& to know whether I am dead or alive
I thought I would write a few lines this
morning & a few it will be for I am
not able to write much & am not per-
mitted by the confederates authorities to
write only a few lines. hoping this will.
find you all well & in better spirits than
myself. I have written home several times
& got no answer. the news here is scarce
I saw six of our own men hung yesterday
inside the stockade it was good enough
for them they deserved it sure. they were
hung for killing & robbing some of the
prisnors here in prison. our prison is a
large stockade. our grub is corn meal &

and it is killing me by inches if I only
had some of Mothers good bread I could stick
it through. I dont believe they ever intend to
exchange us poor critters the men die off from
forty to fifty a day, there is only tree or four
out of fifty three alive that was captured with
me. my letter is getting rather lengthy & I
am not done yet. I want a box sent me
& that right away never mind the expence
M.S. owes me enough to settle it all. &
I am in need of a great many things.
suffering I am like a thousand others.
I will tell you what I want that is a
few things, you need not send a very large
box for it may not come through. I think
it will with out much trouble. there has
a great many come here. if I had money
I could get a long well enough. Alfonzo
Dikeman & Fred Waterman & David
Janes is here they are tough & fat
as chickens. there is 25,000 prisnors
in this pen. the other side I will write
a list of what I would like.

first of all is a shirt pair of
socks & a pair of light shoes I am
bare footed been so along time I am
nearly naked through out but will
make this do if I get it.            be sure & put
2 lbs of tea.                 the things up tight safe so
“  “  “ Coffee.              they will not get destroyed
“  “  “ Sugar. maple if got it
box of mustard.
½ lbs of Pepper.
2  “    “ Butter. put it up tight
some dried beef.
dried fruit as much as you please
paper of pins & thread.
a good bottle of wine.
& fill the box up with all the butter crackers
you can & 2 lbs of good chewing tobacco.
any thing else you are a mind to. love to
all write as soon as received good bye
to Sergeant C. H. Potter. Co. M. 2nd Mich.
Cavalry. Camp Sumpter Andersonville, Ga.
9th Detatchment 1st miss.
Prisnor of war.[/twocolumns]