Oliver, John M. – March 30, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 15th Michigan Infantry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: John M. Oliver Head Quarters 3d Brig 2nd Div 15th A.C. Near Goldsboro N.C. March 30th 1865 Captain I have the honor to submit the following Memoranda of Marches on the late Campaign from Savannah G.A. to Goldsboro N.C. Jan 30th 1865. Broke camp (Near Beauford S.C.) at 7 oclock A.M. and crossed River at the Ferry on Pontoon Bridge took road through Gardens corner past Bridge Church and there left hand road to [ ? ] reached camp 3.45. P.M. Distance marched 17. miles. Feby 1st moved at 7. A.M and went into camp near Sand Hill Church at 7. P. M Distance 13 miles Feby 2nd Started at 7. A.M. Went into camp near Duck Creek on Barnesville and Orangeburg road at 4. P.M Distance 14 miles Feby 3d Had a skirmish with the enemy. flanked them with a detachment of the 48 Ill Inft. and drove them from their [ ? ] on the opposite Bank of Duck Creek taking their camp & [ ? ] (1) man killed and one (1) Wounded Feby 4th moved at 12. M and went into camp near Anglesey P.O. at 5 P.M. Feby 5th Broke camp at 7 A.M. marched to and crossed Salkhatchie River at Beaufort Bridge. went into camp near the River at 4 P.M Distance marched 8 miles Feby 6 marched about 7 miles and crossed Little Salkhatchie and encamped at 7 P.M. Feby 7th Broke camp at 8. A.M. and marched to Barnberg Station. destroyed 1 ½ miles of Rail Road toward Midway Station went into camp in reserve at 4 P.M. distance marched 6 miles Feby 9th Left Barnburg Station at 5 ½ A.M. and marched to Holmes Bridge South fork Edisto River went into camp 1. P.M. Distance 8 miles Feby 10th crossed South Fork Edisto at 5 PM and went into camp on road leading towards [ ? ] about 1 ½ miles from River. Distance 2 ½ miles Feby 11th moved at 7 A.M 3d Brig in advance went into camp Poplar Springs at 2.30 P.M. Distance 14. miles Feby 12th Broke camp at 7. A.M. and marched to North Fork Edisto River 3d Brig in rear countermarched and suc ceeded in crossing 99th Ind over Maiin River in adv- ance of every thing. After 2nd Brig had gained the other crossing we Waded the Swamp (½ mile in width and waist deep) and went into camp on Orangeburg and Columbia road. Distance 9. Miles Feby 13th Brok Camp at 9 A.M. and marched toward Sandy Run P. O. went into camp at 5 P.M. Distance 13. miles Feby 14th moved at 7. A.M. Marched to within 11 miles of Columbia Distance 17. Miles Feby 15th marched at 8 A.M. crossed Congaru Creek at 5 P.M. and went into camp on right of 1st Division. Distance 6 miles Enemy shelled our line in rear from the bluff across Congaree River Feby 16th moved at 9 A.M. and halted opposite the City of Columbia. The 99th Ind and 15th Mich were sent to hold the crossing at Saluda Creek and after a short skirmish with the enemy we succeeded in crossing about dark and encamped on the bank of Broad River. Distance 7. miles Feby 17th Left camp at 3. P.M. crossed Broad River and Marched through Columbia which was formally surrendered that morning by the mayor. the main force of the enemy having evacuated the city the night previous Feby 18th At 4. A.M the 3d Brig was called out to suppress riot did so killing 2 men and wounding 30 and arresting 370. 15th Mich and 99 Ind destroyed 1 miles of C. and C. Rail Road Sent the 70th Ohio 48th Ill and 90th Ill. to destroy 1 mile from 8 to 9. mile post on same Road Feby 20th Left Columbia at 8 A.M. marched easterly on road to travelers rest leav ing that place to our right we turned to the north toward Liberty Still went into camp 5 P.M. Distance 20 Miles Feby 21st Broke camp at 7 A.M. and marched 22 miles encamped at 8 P.M. Feby 22d Left camp 6.30 AM arrived at Wateree River at Peays Ferry crossed Brig in Pontoon Boats went into camp across Singleton Creek 2 miles from the River Distance 8 Miles Feby 24th marched 20 miles went into camp 10 PM one mile from Camden P.O. Feby 25th Broke Camp at 8 A.M and marched to Pine Tree Church on Camden and Society Hill Road went into camp 12 M. Distance 8 Miles Feby 26th Left camp at 9 A.M and marched to and Waded Lynch Creek at Kellys Bridge Water very high and Rising 2d and 3d Brig and Battery Crossed and went into camp 5 P.M. no wagons get over Distance 10 miles. Feby 28th Commenced to build bridge made good progress stopped work at dark. March 1st moved at 3. P.M. arrived at Kelly Town and went into camp 5.30 P.M. Distance 5 Miles. March 2nd marched at 3.30 P.M. and went into Camp at 8.30 P.M Distance 4 Miles. March 3d moved at 4. A.M. Crossed Black Creek at New Market Camped at Campall’s Mills on Juniper Creek at 7 P.M Distance 20. Miles March 4th Broke Camp at 7 A.M. and marched to Cheran went into camp at 5 P.M. on the right of the 1st Div on the Ridge to the left of Town Distance 13 Miles March 5th Marched at 5 P.M Crossed Great Peedee and went into camp at 8 P.M. Distance 4. miles March 7th Left camp at 12. M. and marched to Crooked Creek and encamped at 5.30 P.M Distance 10. Miles March 8th Broke camp at 7 A.M and marched to Laurel Hill went into camp at 3. P.M. Distance 14. Miles March 9th moved at 4. A.M crossed Lumber River in Pontoon Bridge. Camped near Bethel Church at 5 P.M. Distance 14. Miles. March 10th Marched at 3 P.M. Corderoyed road for nearly 4 miles Distance to Brig. Head Quarters from yesterday’s camp 3. Miles March 11th marched at 8 A.M. crossed at Rocky fish Creek and camped on little Rocky fish creek 7 miles from Fayetteville at 5. P.M. Distance 14 Miles. March 12th Marched at 7 A.M. Camped south of Fayetteville at 12. M. Distance 6 ½ Miles March 14th at 3.30 P.M crossed cape fear River and encamped on Warsaw road at 7. P.M. Distance 3 Miles. March 15th Marched at 11. A.M. on Goldsboro road and camped at Bethany Church at 5 P.M. Distance 9 Miles. March 16th moved at 8 A.M. crossed Black Creek and went into camp 7 P.M. near Wesley Chapel Distance 8 miles. March 17th Move at 7 A.M. camped at Petus t roads at 3. P.M. Distance 8. Miles March 18th Moved at 5.30. A.M. Crossed Cohera Creek and went into camp 2 P.M. Distance 15 Miles March 19th Moved at 1. P.M. Marched in direct- ion Evertsville until 11. P.M. countermarched at 1. O.Clock at night to reinforce the 14th and 20th Corps who had engaged the enemy. Distance 24. Miles March 21st changed position relieved Skirmish us put up lines & took part in the engagements of that day. Capt Hare of 70th Ohio a brave and Gallant Officer was killed near the left of our Div. line. March 22d marched on duct road to Evertsville about 10 miles camped at 5.30 P.M. March 20d marched eight miles and went into camp 6. Miles from Goldsboro. March 24th to day we crossed the Neuse River. & ended a campaign in which the command has shown an enderrance & steady faith in themselves & their cause & a confidence in their Great Leader such as I believe no Troops ever before felt. Very Respectfully You Obt Servt. (signed) Jno. M. Oliver Brig. Genl. I have the honor to submit the following Reports of Cas- -ualities of this Brig since leaving Savannah, Ga. also the number of miles Corduroyed by this command during that period
Command Killed Wounded Missing Total
Co Em Total Co Em Total Co Em Total Co Em Aggregate.
15th Mich Infty 1 1 1 1
70th Ohio Infty 1 1 2 2 1 2 3
48th Ills Infty 1 1 2 1 1 3 3 2 4 6
90th Ills Infty 2 2 7 7 9 9
99th Ind Infty 1 1 1 1
Total 2 1 3 1 4 5 12 12 3 17 20
Command No of Miles Corduroyed
15th Mich Infty 3
70th Ohio Infty 3
48th Ills Infty 3
90th Ills Infty 3
99th Ills Infty 4
Very Respectfully (signed) Jno M Oliver Brig Genl. Hd Qrs 3rd Brig 2nd Div 15th A.C. Near Goldsboro N.C. March 31st/65 Oliver Jno. M.

Brig General.

[ ? ] Report of the operations of 3rd Brigade 2nd Div 15th A.C. since leaving Savannah Georgia. (Returned Copy) Some errors yet for correction