Merrill, Simeon B. – July 15, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 5th Michigan Infantry

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Pontiac Mich
July 15, 1865

Mrs Merrill
Your note of
inquiry relative to your husband
SB Merrill brings this response.
I was aquainted with him about
the time he died but at that
time I did not think that I
should ever get out myself
so I was not as particular about
it as I would otherwise He died
about the last of August last
If you want to get his back pay
&c if you will send forward your
request to me as I am in an office
with James S Dewey Attorney and
claim agent I can furnish the only
proof that can be had requsite to

to get such dues
All business
of this kind done with dispatch and
success or no charge.
Please answer
Very Respectfuly
N. Clay Hartince
P.S. This ticket is just as I
received it from head quarters
7269 is the number of grave

[Original grave number slip is

S B Merrill
Priv. Co. G 5 Mich.