Huntington, Howard J. – July 5, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

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Regiment:¬†6th Wisconsin Infantry Battles Mentioned:¬†Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Historical Figures: On the Battlefield near Gettysburg Penn. July 5th, 1863 Dear Father and Mother: I will write you now and send it when I have an opportunity. The greatest battle of the War has been fought at this place. It commenced last Wednesday the first and lasted three days. The Rebel Army under Lee attacked us with a forced greatly superior to our own and has been repulsed. The field is ours and Lee has now to take the defensive. The Rebel Army without a doubt is whipped the worst it ever has been. They must have lost 25,000 men. I am happy to be able to write you that I have come out of this battle without injury. I wonder than I am so fortunate. It seems that Heaven has been partial toward me. Co. “A” went into battle with fifteen muskets and two Lieutenants-Howard Pruyn and myself. We lost nine. Two killed, six wounded, and one missing supposed to have been kiled. Lieut. Pruyn was shot through the wrist. He has gone to Baltimore. Our Division opened the fight on Wednesday; it was the hardest fighting I ever saw. Our Regt. charged R.R. cut and captured a Regt. entire. Their flag which we took has marked on it Manasas-Seven Pines- Malvern Hill and Gaines Farm. The major commanding gave up his sword and surrenedered his Regt. to the 6th Wisconsin. It was not known however until after a desperate resistance that they surrendered they had more men than we. Could you have seen that ditch filled with the dead and dying as it was, muskets, swords, and knapsacks piled in confusion you would have been shocked at human desperation and the strength of human passions. We have orders to march again. Love to all, Howard