Hall, Lovinus A. – April 12, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

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Regiment: 7th Michigan Cavalry

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Historical Figures: George A. Custer, Philip H. Sheridan, Robert E. Lee

Birk Station Apr. 12 1865

Dear Sister,
I am writing to you today to
letting you know that I am well and
that I saw the rebellion we had been
fighting them every day for eleven days.
That morning it commenced at day light.
Our division was dismounted and sent
out on the skirmish line. We fought them
about two hours so General Sheridan
could get the infantry in position then we
moved our horses and charged on them but
there met Genl. Lee with a party of men
working on terms. Custer told him
that not having but unconditional surrender
would do. General custer and the col. of
my reg. went back with the flag of
truce and held a consultation with General
Lee and he surrendered his army the 9th
of April month so I can see the confederacy
is dead but it will be some time before we can
get home. But I think we will see easier times
than we have seen for the last fifty days.
Wm. Caroedle is well. Springer is not
with the regiment. He went to dismounted
camp from city point. I have not received
any mail but once since I left Winchestor,
but I think I will soon see the cars
run to this station every day from “R”
is just a distance of 70 miles
I will close much love to all. Write soon. Direct to
“Washington D.C. Good by, L.A. Hall